Accident victims can often face a lot of injuries. The healing process can be lengthy, and some people never fully recover. Even minor fender benders can cause soft tissue injuries. When whiplash and other injuries are causing pain, individuals need to see the Woodburn Chiropractor for treatment.

What Is Involved in Chiropractic Treatment?

Dealing with the aftermath of a Car Accident can be stressful. It can sometimes be difficult to get back to normal life. Thankfully, individuals can receive treatment from the Best Woodburn Chiropractor. Knowing what to expect from these treatments will help to ease a person’s mind.

After an Auto Injury, the individual first needs to be assessed by the doctor. A full evaluation and X-rays will help to reveal any injuries suffered. The most common injuries after accidents are soft tissue injuries. Broken bones can also occur. After the evaluation, the doctor will begin therapy on the patient.

First, the individual will receive heat and massage therapy. Both of these are important for offering relief from pain. They also serve another integral purpose. These treatments help to loosen up the muscles, so the doctor can perform spinal manipulation to move the joints and vertebrae back into their normal positions.

The Chiropractor Near Me will then use different techniques that move the vertebrae back into alignment. It is important to note that these treatments are not painful. the movements are forceful, yet gentle. The goal of treatment is to remove the pressure placed on nerve tissues, so the patient can begin to feel relief.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

There are multiple benefits to receiving chiropractic care. It is important to realize the benefits, so individuals will seek the care they need. The following offers some of the biggest benefits of treatment.

  • Chiropractic care can improve neck pain. Whiplash is common after an accident and can be relieved.
  • This treatment also helps improve mobility.
  • Chiropractic care can reduce a person’s dependence on pain relievers.
  • This treatment can also relieve back pain.

If you have been injured in a car accident, it is important to seek immediate treatment. Chiropractic care can offer a range of treatments, to help you find relief.

Dealing with car accident injuries is not always easy. Even the simplest of accidents can sometimes cause problems. It is imperative individuals are aware of what they can expect from their first treatment with the Beaverton Chiropractor. Knowing what to expect will help individuals to be prepared.

What to Expect From Chiropractic Treatment

After a Car Accident, it is imperative individuals seek medical care right away. Even seemingly minor injuries can be more serious than they appear because of shock. Shock can sometimes disguise the symptoms of injuries, so it is wise for individuals to seek immediate care right away.

The first treatment appointment with the Best Beaverton Chiropractor will involve a thorough evaluation and medical history. The doctor will examine their patient and ask a lot of questions, to determine the extent of the injuries. They may also take X-rays, to ensure no bone issues are present.

An Auto Injury can take on many forms, but people often suffer from whiplash after accidents. Whiplash causes a violent forward motion of the neck, leading to soft tissue injuries and strains.

As a part of chiropractic treatment, individuals will undergo different types of therapy. They will likely have massage and heat therapy, as these can loosen the muscles of the neck and back, allowing for better treatment.

Spinal and Joint Manipulations

Spinal and joint manipulations are a big part of treatment from a chiropractor. These treatments help to move the joints back into proper alignment, and they do not cause pain. Spinal manipulations are especially beneficial for the correction of subluxations.

The individual will need ongoing treatment for the best results. With a Chiropractor Near Me, individuals will find their pain is immediately improved. Ongoing treatments will help to prevent the vertebrae from moving out of alignment and pressing on nerve tissue.

Individuals who have been injured in serious accidents need immediate medical care. Seeking a full evaluation will ensure no internal injuries are threatening the person’s life. If soft tissue injuries are present, chiropractic care offers a wide range of benefits for the healing process.

Call today to schedule an evaluation with the chiropractor. With this care, individuals can also experience improvements to their overall health.

Dealing with pain after a car accident can be debilitating. Soft tissue injuries can be difficult to overcome and sometimes take a long time to heal. After a Car Accident, individuals often find their backs and necks are in a lot of pain. Seeing the Hillsboro Chiropractor allows individuals to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment for their injuries.

Common Injuries After a Car Accident

An Auto Injury can be devastating and leave a person unable to participate in their normal day-to-day activities. It is important a person knows the common injuries that can be experienced after an accident.

  • Whiplash is common, especially when a person’s vehicle is hit from behind.
  • Broken bones can also occur because of the impact.
  • Contusions are common after a serious accident.
  • Head injuries can also occur in some accidents.
  • Sometimes, serious internal injuries can occur.

No matter the symptoms after a car accident, it is imperative individuals seek a Chiropractor Near Me. A chiropractor can diagnose a person’s injuries and work to ensure they are treated. If the injuries are simply in the soft tissues, spinal manipulation, massage, and heat therapy can be beneficial.

What to Expect From Chiropractic Treatment

Knowing what to expect from treatment is essential for allowing a person to be prepared. The first step in chiropractic treatment is a full evaluation. The doctor will examine the patient and determine the extent of their injuries. If any are serious, the injured person may be sent to other medical professionals for extensive care.

The first treatment will involve massage and heat to loosen up the muscles and offer pain relief. Once the muscles are limber, the doctor can go to work on moving the spinal vertebrae back into their natural positions. Often, back pain is caused by subluxations that press on the sensitive nerve tissues.

With time, the joints begin to stay in place because the muscle tissues and other soft tissues heal. It is important to follow the directions of the doctor, to ensure the healing process is effective and as short as possible. The Best Hillsboro Chiropractor can offer all types of treatment that will be beneficial to patients.

Those who have been injured in an accident should consider seeking chiropractic care right away. Call today to schedule an appointment 503-574-1999.

The average person gets into at least three car accidents in a lifetime. While some are minor, others lead to serious injuries, including soft tissue injuries that can be difficult to detect right away. Discover why victims in car accidents should immediately seek care and treatment from a respected Portland Chiropractor.

What is Whiplash?

Often whiplash occurs to victims in rear-end accidents. When a sudden jolt moves the head backward, forward, or sideways, the movement destabilizes the spine. Whiplash, though not life-threatening, is a painful condition that can lead to reduced range of motion, headaches, blurry vision, neck stiffness, shoulder, and arm pain, and possibly lower back pain.

How to Handle Whiplash

Car Accident victims should consult with the Best Portland Chiropractor as soon as possible to determine if they have soft tissue injuries or other issues. After an Auto Injury, a chiropractor will evaluate the victim’s condition and develop a treatment plan to ease the pain and discomfort of whiplash. While an accident may seem minor, injuries can arise days or weeks after the event, so visit a chiropractor right away.

Taking Care of Whiplash

Once a chiropractor diagnoses the victim with whiplash, adjustments to the spine can relieve the pain. Other techniques might also be used to ease discomforts, such as massage or foam roller techniques. Exercise and nutritional counseling are also provided to help victims regain full range of motion and get back into their usual routines.

Avoiding Whiplash

While some car accidents are unavoidable, there are steps to help prevent whiplash in the event of a rear-end impact. Be aware of the safety measures in the vehicle that can help prevent injuries. The proper use of seat belts and headrests can make a difference, so know how to use them to avoid injuries in case of an accident.

The first step to feeling better after the stress of a car accident is to search for a Chiropractor Near Me. Schedule an appointment with a chiropractor right after the accident to find out if whiplash or other injuries were sustained. A chiropractor helps victims of car accidents regain full range of motion and resume their usual life activities.

For those who have been involved in a car accident, serious injuries can result. A Vancouver Chiropractor can help accident victims with a full examination, diagnosis, and treatment. Chiropractic care can help with sore soft tissues and spinal subluxations that often occur in the aftermath of a car accident. Knowing what to expect from treatment will help car accident victims.

Steps Involved in Chiropractic Treatment

Many injuries can result from a car accident, including whiplash, which is the most common. The soft tissues of the neck and back can take on the brunt of injuries. When injured victims see a chiropractor, they need to be aware of what to expect, so they will be prepared.

  • The first step is the examination. The doctor will carefully examine the patient and look for signs of injuries. They will pinpoint areas of pain that need to be further investigated.
  • Next, the chiropractor will take X-rays, if they believe there are any bone issues. If imaging is needed of the soft tissues, the chiropractor can refer the patient for an MRI or CT scan.
  • Those who have been involved in a Car Accident may need sprints or braces. The doctor will use information gathered from the examination and X-rays to determine what brace needs to be offered.

An Auto Injury can be serious. Some injured victims do not know how seriously they are injured because shock covers up their symptoms. It is imperative injured victims seek a chiropractor right away. Waiting too long to seek medical treatment could lead to major complications. With the Best Vancouver Chiropractor, injured victims can receive the extensive care they need.

Chiropractors Perform Adjustments for Injured Victims

Subluxations are common after a car accident. These occur when the vertebrae come out of their natural alignment. Subluxations can cause pain in the back because they press on nerve tissue. It is important to get these subluxations corrected, so continued pain and nerve damages do not occur.

If you are looking for a Chiropractor Near Me, call today and schedule an appointment. The chiropractor will help you overcome any injuries. With ongoing treatment, you will recover much faster.

Whiplash is a type of neck injury that results from rapid forward and backward motions associated with car accidents. Whiplash can also cause minor back, muscle, and ligament injuries and damage to the spinal discs, and many Auto Injury victims report secondary symptoms like headaches, blurred vision, concentration problems, vertigo, and fatigue, as well. The good news is, a Hazel Dell Chiropractor can provide relief. Read on to find out how.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments, also known as spinal manipulation, can help by gently repositioning the affected neck joints back into their proper places. In cases where whiplash has contributed to herniated or bulging discs, gentle, hands-on chiropractic adjustments like flexion-distraction can also help.

Muscle Stimulation and Relaxation

Muscle stimulation and relaxation involve addressing whiplash-induced muscle dysfunction. It works by gently stretching and contracting the restricted muscles using finger pressure techniques. Loosening tight muscles can help to alleviate pain and improve range of motion following a Car Accident.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy helps to stretch soft tissues surrounding the spine and stimulate the nervous system. A Hazel Dell Chiropractor will begin by identifying spinal joints that show abnormal or limited motion. He or she will then use specific trigger point therapy to restore normal motion to the affected spinal joints.

Soft Tissue Therapies

Whiplash always involves soft tissue injuries, so it makes sense that chiropractors almost always recommend soft tissue therapies like massage following an accident. Therapeutic massages can help to release muscle tension and restore proper function. Some chiropractors will also use other soft tissue therapies like stretch-and-resist techniques and muscle energy therapy.

Recommendations for Home Care

The Best Hazel Dell Chiropractor won’t just provide temporary relief. He or she will also suggest treatments and techniques that accident victims can perform safely at home without risking additional strain. Expert chiropractors can also teach whiplash victims how to perform daily tasks without contributing to their pain.

The Bottom Line

After an accident, it’s always wise to seek out a Chiropractor Near Me. Sometimes it takes a while for pain, soreness, and range of motion issues caused by whiplash to become obvious. Don’t wait until the pain is excruciating. Schedule a consultation with a qualified chiropractor as soon as possible after the accident.

Around three million Americans are injured in car accidents every year. The recuperation process can be difficult, but proper care increases the chances of making a full recovery. Read on to find out how a Tigard Chiropractor can help accident victims improve the recovery process.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation, both around the injury site and throughout the body, is a common problem for people who have been in a Car Accident. Micro-tears in muscles and ligaments can induce the body to produce an inflammatory response, and while some inflammation is necessary for healing, too much of it will only make the situation worse. Chiropractors can help to reduce inflammation by adjusting joints, manipulating the spine, and using these advanced techniques to support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory processes.

Restore Mobility

The average Auto Injury reduces the accident victim’s mobility, even if he or she has not suffered any broken bones. Stiffness and soreness can impede recovery by making it harder to perform physical therapy, but the Best Tigard Chiropractor can help to enhance mobility by stimulating natural healing and mobilizing the spine.

Alleviate Pain

Chiropractic manipulation can reduce pain following a serious accident. There’s an easy explanation for how chiropractic adjustments help to control pain. During spinal manipulations, the body releases pain-reducing hormones that reduce strain on injured areas and can even help to combat pre-existing pain that has nothing to do with the accident.

Reduce Scar Tissue

Performing a search for a Chiropractor Near Me and attending multiple visits following an accident can even help to reduce scar tissue around the muscles. Chiropractors target the damaged area, breaking apart scar tissue faster than it would without added care. As a result, the accident victim will heal faster and feel better during the recovery period and beyond.

Find Relief Through Chiropractic Care

Even in the absence of catastrophic injuries, accident victims often suffer from back pain, stiffness, whiplash, and other forms of discomfort. Seeing a chiropractor is a great way to reduce pain and inflammation, improve mobility, and speed up the healing process so that patients can get back to their lives. Get in touch to schedule an initial consultation today.

Most people only think about scheduling a visit to the chiropractor when something goes wrong or their back or neck pain is becoming intolerable. They don’t realize that spinal health influences overall health, so they miss out on a valuable opportunity to reduce pain, improve range of motion, and increase their quality of life. Read on to find out about a few of the subtler signs it’s time to find a Gresham Chiropractor to see if chiropractic care might be beneficial.

Following an Auto Accident

After a Car Accident, injured people go to the hospital for a full evaluation. Unfortunately, problems like micro-tears in muscles and ligaments don’t show up on X-rays. These tears can cause pain, inflammation, and stiffness following even a seemingly minor Auto Injury. A chiropractor can help by using techniques like spinal manipulations to reduce inflammation and pain and improve range of motion while accident victims recover.

Supporting an Active Lifestyle

Living an active lifestyle and spending a lot of time working or playing outdoors is great for people’s overall health. However, it can also place additional strain and pressure on the spine, often leading to spinal misalignments that contribute to pinched nerves, slipped discs, and other painful conditions. Scheduling regular appointments with a chiropractor can help to avoid these issues so that active Americans can continue doing the things they love.

Improving Posture

Not everyone has an active job. A lot of people work behind desks and spend the majority of their time sitting down, which can contribute to poor posture. Like excessive, strenuous activity, poor posture places strain on certain areas of the back, neck, and shoulders. The extra pressure can cause the spine to shift, leaving people prone to herniated discs. Visit the Best Gresham Chiropractor before this painful condition develops to improve spinal alignment and avoid future problems.

Alleviate or Avoid Pain Through Chiropractic Care

The bottom line here is that there are few people who would not benefit from seeking out a Chiropractor Near Me and scheduling a visit. Chiropractors can help to alleviate joint and muscle pain, soreness and stiffness, and even headaches. It’s always best to seek care before the pain becomes intolerable, so schedule an appointment with a Gresham Chiropractor as soon as possible.

One of the most commonly asked questions that chiropractors get, surprisingly, is “are chiropractors real doctors?” In the field of medicine, the term “doctor” is applied to so many kinds of people who take different courses and training, receive different certifications, and have different internships. You would never question a dentist’s or a veterinarian’s training, so why wouldn’t you trust a chiropractor’s?

The biggest reason that people question the validity of chiropractors is largely because of a huge lack of information about chiropractors, but a wealth of misinformation about what it is that chiropractors do. At Accident Care Chiropractic, we want every single one of our patients to understand exactly what it is that we do during a chiropractic appointment, and why choosing chiropractic care is the best approach to healing and recovery. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about chiropractors:

What do chiropractors do?

Chiropractic medicine is a holistic approach to medical treatment, with chiropractors focusing more on treating the whole body and person, with emphasis on treating and finding the cause of an issue rather than the symptoms. Specifically, chiropractors are best at treating disorders and illnesses of the neuro-muscular system through manipulation and adjustment of the spine. 

One of the hallmarks of chiropractic medicine is that there is no use of drugs or surgery. Because of the spinal alignment that chiropractors work for, the overall nervous system improves, allowing your body to begin the healing process of problems such as pain and restricted movement.  

What’s the difference between a chiropractor and an MD?

Before we tell you the differences between them, let’s start with the similarities. Chiropractors and MD’s both go through 4 years of a medical school curriculum, followed by at least 1 year of internship. Both have the option of working for large practices or working as solo practitioners. Both MD’s and chiropractors go through extensive training to be able to practice on patients, however, the way they go about their practice is much, much different. 

Since chiropractors are more focused on treating the cause of an illness, chiropractic treatment tends to be longer, though the effects are more long term. Again, chiropractors never use drugs or surgery to treat an issue, so you will never be prescribed anything to mask your pain or discomfort. MD’s are more likely to do this, resulting in short, much more sporadic appointments. However, if you need your appendix removed or any other kind of surgery, an MD is qualified to do this, whereas a chiropractor isn’t. Since more information is more widely known about MD’s rather than chiropractors, the patient pool for chiropractors tends to be more self-selected.  Before you visit any kind of medical professional, you should always to your research to make sure you’re getting the kind of treatment you want.

What are the benefits of chiropractic appointments?

While there are many benefits of seeing a chiropractor regularly, it is important to consider seeing both a chiropractor and an MD to treat whatever may come up. Again, both are qualified to do different things, and depending on what your illness may require, one may be better suited for the course of treatment you need. However, there are some things that are unique to regular chiropractic care that has advantages over other medical care, such as: 

  • Migraines and headaches
  • Sciatica/nerve pain
  • Back pain
  • Herniated discs
  • Car accident injuries
  • Neck pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Spinal maladjustment
  • Sports injuries

Accident Care Chiropractic is the leading chiropractic practice in Oregon and Washington. Thousands of patients have trusted their recovery and treatment to our dedicated team of experienced chiropractors. With over 10 locations, you are sure to get the care you need whenever you need it. Visit our website to find more information and find a location near you. 

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