The average person gets into at least three car accidents in a lifetime. While some are minor, others lead to serious injuries, including soft tissue injuries that can be difficult to detect right away. Discover why victims in car accidents should immediately seek care and treatment from a respected Portland Chiropractor.

What is Whiplash?

Often whiplash occurs to victims in rear-end accidents. When a sudden jolt moves the head backward, forward, or sideways, the movement destabilizes the spine. Whiplash, though not life-threatening, is a painful condition that can lead to reduced range of motion, headaches, blurry vision, neck stiffness, shoulder, and arm pain, and possibly lower back pain.

How to Handle Whiplash

Car Accident victims should consult with the Best Portland Chiropractor as soon as possible to determine if they have soft tissue injuries or other issues. After an Auto Injury, a chiropractor will evaluate the victim’s condition and develop a treatment plan to ease the pain and discomfort of whiplash. While an accident may seem minor, injuries can arise days or weeks after the event, so visit a chiropractor right away.

Taking Care of Whiplash

Once a chiropractor diagnoses the victim with whiplash, adjustments to the spine can relieve the pain. Other techniques might also be used to ease discomforts, such as massage or foam roller techniques. Exercise and nutritional counseling are also provided to help victims regain full range of motion and get back into their usual routines.

Avoiding Whiplash

While some car accidents are unavoidable, there are steps to help prevent whiplash in the event of a rear-end impact. Be aware of the safety measures in the vehicle that can help prevent injuries. The proper use of seat belts and headrests can make a difference, so know how to use them to avoid injuries in case of an accident.

The first step to feeling better after the stress of a car accident is to search for a Chiropractor Near Me. Schedule an appointment with a chiropractor right after the accident to find out if whiplash or other injuries were sustained. A chiropractor helps victims of car accidents regain full range of motion and resume their usual life activities.

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