The human body is an excellent example of pure homeostasis. When each bodily system achieves balance, we experience a form of living free from pain, fatigue, and illness. Should one of these systems become compromised due to internal or external influences, however, a host of ailments is soon to follow. Few biological complications result in such disastrous results as hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure. Read more

When DD Palmer established modern chiropractic care in 1897, he was unaware of exactly how the act of tending to the human skeletal system could affect all other bodily systems. Although many understand the functional and structural benefits of regular chiropractic visits, few understand the connection between skeletal alignment and immune system functionality. The health and alignment of our bone, however, directly influences the health of our immune system. Read more

If you’ve recently been in an accident, you must know how difficult it is to get back to your normal daily routine. You may experience some pain in doing simple physical activities, as well as feel limited when you try to do the things you usually do. This is where a chiropractor can help. A chiropractor offers physical therapy to help you regain your ease of movement prior to your accident. Read more

When you’ve been in an automobile accident, it’s most likely that it will take weeks or even months for some other injuries to manifest. If you notice symptoms such as chronic pain in parts of the body that got hit during your accident, the most ideal course of action would be to consult a healthcare professional. A chiropractor can evaluate your current physical condition and diagnose you for the necessary treatments you need to recover. Read more

Chronic low back pain is a symptom of two extreme lifestyles—one that lacks activity, and one that has too much of it. If your back pain is bothering you, exercise can be the best medicine, but not just any exercise will do. Here are five highly approved physical activities courtesy of your favorite chiropractor in Vancouver, WA. Be sure to consult your chiropractor first before undertaking any of these to ensure they suit your level of fitness. Read more

Summer is here! And with it, more opportunities for travel, holidays, and outdoor activities. Unfortunately, this can also spell more car accidents on the road. Vancouver, WA car accident chiropractors see a lot of car accident victims and patients, that’s why they want you to keep safe to avoid unwanted health problems now that the warm season is here. So buckle up every car occupant, and drive defensively. Read more

When it comes to pain management, it’s important that a proper assessment and accurate diagnosis of your condition is attained. Only then can you be given an effective treatment program to put you on the road to a quick and full recovery. Read more

Undergoing chiropractic treatment is understandably nerve-wracking for the first-timer. However, there should be no cause for fear, especially if you take the time to first sit down and consult with your chiropractor. Such consultation is standard procedure that affords you a great opportunity to understand exactly what’s going to happen throughout your program. Most commonly, people perceive chiropractic treatment as simply involving manipulation of the spine to achieve realignment. What first comes to mind when this process is mentioned is the “snapping” or adjustment of the neck, which can justifiably cause worry and concern to those who have had no experience with it yet. Read more

In a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2016, the United States records the most number of car crash fatalities among high-income countries. Among the most common reasons for this include failure to observe road safety practices like buckling up the seatbelt, drunk driving, and overspeeding. Read more

According to a pain study published in 2015, more than 1 in 6 American adults suffer from the discomfort brought on by chronic pain. That’s almost 50 million American adults having their lives disrupted and by a condition that keeps coming back no matter what kind of medications they take. Read more

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