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Hip Pain

Are you suffering from Hip pain?

A woman is suffering from hip pain.
Hip pain is a common problem for many people that can stem from a range of different causes. The precise location of your hip pain can help to determine what the specific cause of the problem is.

Although the severity, location, and type of hip pain can vary greatly, it can be debilitating and uncomfortable in every case. Pain in the hip can make doing everyday things like walking, running, exercising, or working on your feet difficult and painful. In this blog post, we will go over hip pain, specifically, its causes, symptoms, and treatment.

What is hip pain?

Hip pain is any feeling of pain or discomfort in the hip joint or around the hip. The pain may not be felt directly in the hip in some cases. For example, you may instead experience pain in your thigh, knee, or groin. Pain in the hip can be brought on by a number of causes including diseases, conditions, and injuries.

Painful hips can make any activities using them difficult to do, including exercising or even walking.

What are the causes of hip pain?

Common causes of hip pain involve issues in the cartilage or bones of your hip such as:
Arthritis. Arthritis is a very common cause of long-term painful hips. Arthritis can make the hips and joints feel painful, stiff, and tender. It may also make walking difficult.
Hip fractures. Hip fractures result in immediate and severe hip pain caused by an injury. They require immediate medical attention and may require surgery as well. Hip fractures are common for older people and particularly people with osteoporosis, which involves a weakening of the bones.
Osteonecrosis. Osteonecrosis is a less common cause of hip pain that is characterized by a lack of blood supply to the bones. It may result in the crumbling of cartilage and eventually bones as they lack access to the blood supply.
Other causes of hip pain may include the following:
Bursitis. Bursitis is a condition that results from the bursa, which acts as a cushion in the hip joint, becoming inflamed. Bursitis can make walking, driving, sitting up, driving, and climbing stairs difficult and painful.
Inflamed tendons. Inflamed tendons, also referred to as tendonitis, are the most common cause of acute hip pain. Tendonitis is usually caused by a lot of exercise. This can be very painful, but it usually heals much faster than other hip problems.
Snapping hip syndrome. This condition is most common for athletes and dancers. It is associated with a snapping feeling or snapping sound in the hip. This condition is often a sign that there is a tear in the cartilage or pieces of material in the hip.
Femeroacetabular impingement. This condition is characterized by abnormalities in the hip bone or socket, which result in poor movement of the hip and pain.
A chiropractor is administering treatment for hip pain.
A woman is getting a chiropractic adjustment for hip pain.

What are the symptoms of hip pain?

The symptoms of hip pain vary depending on the cause and type of pain in the hip; however, here are some common symptoms of hip pain:
Tenderness and pain in and around the hip joint
Pain or discomfort in the outer hip, buttocks, thighs, or groin
Stiffness in the hips and trouble moving the hips or legs
Trouble walking or sitting up or pain in the hips when you walk or sit up
Difficulty sleeping on your side due to the hip
Clicking or snapping sounds coming from the hip

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you should seek immediate medical care:

Sudden intense pain in the hip due to overuse or injury
A bulge in the hip joint
The inability to use your hip or leg
The inability of the hip or leg to support you
Signs of infection around the hip and feelings of pain and chills or a rash
Even if you experience the more mild symptoms of hip pain, they should not be ignored. Pain in the hip region may be a sign of a bigger problem, and if not treated properly, the problem can worsen.

What is the treatment for hip pain?

If you’re not experiencing the severe symptoms of hip pain we outlined above, then one great option to treat your hip pain is to see a chiropractor. You may be asking yourself, “can a chiropractor help with hip pain?”, and the answer is yes. There are many effective chiropractic treatments for hip pain that can help to relieve your pain, restore movement, and fix the issue causing the discomfort.

Chiropractors can treat a variety of hip problems causing pain including spinal issues, chronic pain, femoroacetabular impingement, hip dysplasia, spinal issues, arthritis, hip alignment, and injury.

Here are some common chiropractic treatments for hip pain:
Hip alignment. Misaligned hips can often result in hip pain, discomfort, and other problems. A hip alignment will seek to correct the misalignment in your hips to eliminate any problems caused by misalignment.
Spinal issues. If your spine has any issues with alignment, this can affect the rest of the body including the hips. There are several techniques to correct spinal alignment.
Manipulative therapies. Manipulative therapies are manual therapies that are commonly used by chiropractors. It is a non-invasive therapy treatment that involves manually treating the muscles and joints to relieve any issues.
Mobilization. Mobilization of the hip joints can relieve stiffness, and restore mobility in the hips. The chiropractor will gently move the hips and legs for this treatment to target specific areas and carefully restore movement and mobility.
Exercise and physical therapy. Your chiropractor can also recommend and help you with exercise and physical therapy targeted at relieving pain and restoring movement to the hips. This can be done if you have just started experiencing hip pain, or if you are recovering from an injury or surgery.
Soft tissue treatments. Soft tissue treatments target soft tissue like muscles, tendons, and other tissues around the hip and hip joint. They are used to relieve pain and stiffness. Soft tissue treatments include massages and electrical stimulation.

Get chiropractic help with hip pain

If you are experiencing hip pain, then you should seek help as soon as possible. If your pain is sudden and you are unable to move your hip, then you should seek immediate medical attention.
Otherwise, a chiropractor can help to diagnose the cause of your hip pain and perform targeted treatments to relieve your pain and restore mobility to your hips so you can return to your daily activities without the worry of pain and stiffness.

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