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If You Have Been Injured in a Car Accident, Don’t Wait to Get Help. Call Us to Get Started. Specializing in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance.

Getting back on your feet after a car collision near Forest Grove, OR may prove challenging without prompt and proper care. Beyond the emotional and psychological distress, individuals involved in such accidents typically sustain many physical injuries.

At our chiropractic care clinic in Forest Grove OR, we specialize in addressing whiplash and other car accident-related injuries. Our dedicated team of chiropractors is committed to providing the best possible care, tailored to meet your specific needs. 
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Our Forest Grove OR chiropractic clinic can treat your whiplash and any other injuries you have from a car accident. Our chiropractic team will give you the best chiropractic care you could hope for. Like our other trusted chiropractic clinics, we offer a comprehensive approach to your treatment and recovery plan that aims at giving each patient the best treatment available. As with all of our clinics in Oregon, we adopt a comprehensive approach to your rehabilitation and healing process, ensuring that every patient receives the finest treatment options.
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Forest Grove, OR Chiropractor Clinic Services

Some of the treatment options for work and car accident injuries we offer include:
Chiropractic Adjustments
Chiropractic Therapy Treatments
Massage Therapy
Physical Therapy
Auto Injury Recovery
PIP Insurance Support
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recent testimonials from patients

Arturo AmadoArturo Amado
19:20 14 Jun 24
I recently had treatment at this clinic for 4 months and I am very grateful to Dr. Stevenson, she is too professional to explain things to you detail by incredible detail, really. And not to mention the girls for their good work, which they do excellently 👍 especially Ana, very kind
Graciela RodriguezGraciela Rodriguez
08:04 12 Jun 24
I had the best experience in this office. I started going here with so much back and neck pain and they really took care of me and made my process easy. The girls here are like a family and really do make it feel like a home. Highly recommend!!
Susana BurgosSusana Burgos
03:53 31 May 24
I had a car accident and I was treated in “accident care,” with Dr. Dianna Steve. He was super efficient, cordial and punctual in all my appointments, very kind and friendly, his entire team of workers. Thank you for your work and attention towards me.
Eva GallardoEva Gallardo
17:31 30 Apr 24
I am very grateful to Accident Care Chiropractic for taking care of me and supporting me in this process where I had many questions and doubts. I received support from them in different ways, legally, mentally and with referrals to see other specialists in case I needed additional help.Dr. Stevenson is truly a doctor who cares about her patients and takes their health and well-being seriously. Their team of receptionists and massage therapists are a great support that makes Accident Care Chiropractic a very complete clinic. I highly recommend them.
Floricel MontanezFloricel Montanez
15:22 10 Apr 24
Excellent staff. They are so helpful and welcoming. They helped me get better following my car accident. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
Josefina VargasJosefina Vargas
23:29 04 Apr 24
I received treatment at Accident Care Chiropractic in Forest Grove for about 6 months and I just completed my treatment. I can only speak highly of my experience with the care team they were amazing, kind, and caring professionals! Dr. Stevenson and the girls were always so knowledgeable, flexible working with my schedule, and always listening to my needs. I really felt they would go above and beyond for their patients! I will 100% recommend this clinic if you are looking for a place you can trust.
Jessica IturraldeJessica Iturralde
23:49 24 Mar 24
I am blown away by the incredible service I receive from Dr. Stevenson & the rest of the ladies at the forest grove office. They are kind and efficient and I wish that I had known about them after my first accident! Glad I know now!
Nathaniel GundersenNathaniel Gundersen
21:29 21 Feb 24
I love the people there! Dr is amazing! Realigned my back and feeling amazing. The girls in front desk are amazing too. Recommend this place for anyone who was recently in an accident or has previously been in one.
Innis Alegria perezInnis Alegria perez
18:48 21 Feb 24
I just completed my treatment at this clinic and i am truly grateful for all of the gals here. Truly are a one of a kind team that go above and beyond for their patients. I highly recommend coming here to get care if you’re ever involved in a car accident.
Joel GordonJoel Gordon
22:53 01 Feb 24
Thanks to the team here I am good as new! I really appreciate the attention to detail, care and professionalism of everyone here. I highly recommend them, they are good people!
hristy pradohristy prado
03:16 02 Jan 24
The staff is amazing and Cinthya is always so sweet and helpful!
hristy pradohristy prado
03:16 02 Jan 24
The staff is amazing and Cinthya is always so sweet and helpful!
Amy ElliottAmy Elliott
04:47 18 Dec 23
I am eternally grateful for the care I'm receiving here following my car accident! Dr. Stevenson and her crew provide head to toe therapy and service with not only excellent and thorough chiropractic adjustments, but also therapeutic massage, traction, shockwave and laser therapy. They even take care of all the insurance and beyond if further treatment or testing is necessary. Elizabeth's massages are amazing as she gets to the root of your muscles' knots, and Cinthya keeps it all running smoothly. I'd be lost without them!
Camelia LoezaCamelia Loeza
20:11 18 Nov 23
My Experience with Accident Care Chiropractic is very gratifying I feel very grateful and happy for all your attentions. The staff is very professional, respectful and friendly, the only thing I have to say is thank you for your excellent support and work. 😊
Turd FergusonTurd Ferguson
19:52 09 Nov 23
Dr. Stevenson and the entire staff at accident care have provided the best medical experience I have ever had in my life. Not only are they all the kindest folks around, but they ABSOLUTELY EXCEL in their field. My status and overall wellness has been night and day better since I started coming to accident care frequently. I have been going to them for the past 6 months after a severe car accident, and they have helped me get better than ever and I am now in the best shape and have the best relationship with my body I have ever had. Cynthia, Ana, Elizabeth, the whole staff, they all have been an enormous blessing to me and I can’t thank them enough. Accident care has really changed my life. Thank you all.
Johnny MedinaJohnny Medina
08:08 09 Nov 23
Love the amazing staff, they are very friendly,knowledgeable and profesional.Highly recommend this place!
Zoraida VidalZoraida Vidal
00:35 04 Oct 23
The atmosphere is so comforting walking in, and I love his front desk staff, they are always a delight with a generous greeting when I walk in.Everyone was very nice from the ladies at the front desk to the doctor to the therapy room. Great experience when I go in for an adjustment and feel better!!!! Everything was explained well. I would highly recommend Accident Care Forest Grove.
Miasofia ArangoMiasofia Arango
23:41 16 Sep 23
Friendly and welcoming place.
Nick ArangoNick Arango
01:18 14 Sep 23
Everyone is kind to you. The service is very good.
maria jonesmaria jones
22:32 28 Aug 23
Some of the best service I’ve experienced yet! The staff here is so sweet and caring, I’ve been to other accident cares and none compare. Fun vibes and they’re a dog friendly business!!! 10/10, highly recommend😁
Luis RosasLuis Rosas
23:16 07 Jul 23
Very friend and helpful staff .. I feel 100 times better since coming in and recommend their services
Alexandra GoldfeldAlexandra Goldfeld
02:53 04 Jul 23
My friend and I have been in 2 accidents in the past year and the relief we get here is INCREDIBLE. Dr. Stevenson gives euphoric adjustments, Kaylee’s massages and cupping are from heaven, and Cinthya always goes above and beyond to make us comfortable. The environment they create here is welcoming and fun, I’ll never go anywhere else for my care! 🫶🙏
ali martinezali martinez
18:06 21 Jun 23
The staff is absolutely amazing! Such a welcoming atmosphere! Will definitely be coming here for adjustments.
Ana Garcia-PerezAna Garcia-Perez
00:29 17 Jun 23
Dr. Stevenson is by far THE BEST chiropractic doctor I’ve seen! Her adjustments are Absolutely heaven sent! I instantly had relief after just ONE adjustment visit. She’s super through & always answers any questions.The office manager Cinthya is super friendly & welcoming. Massage therapist Kaylee made me feel super comfortable during my massage & periodically checked in with me to make sure she had the right amount of pressure considering my injuries. The whole team makes you feel like a part of their family! I definitely recommend the Forest Grove office for anyone who has been involved in a car accident. They really care about their patients.
Caty LCaty L
16:17 22 Apr 23
The staff here are very attentive to your needs and they truly care about their patients. I am happy that I found this place and I would highly recommend this place to anyone. A huge plus for me is that the office manager is bilingual in Spanish and English.Recomiendo este lugar a cualquier persona buscando un quiropráctico después de un accidente. La manager de la oficina habla español y es muy amable :)
Angie TinocoAngie Tinoco
03:01 07 Apr 23
I came in to be treated for a car accident I was in at the beginning of the year with my daughter. I was very hesitant in coming in since I had a bad experience at a different chiropractor office. Cinthya and Dr. Stevenson went above and beyond explaining what my care would look like. Kaylee the massage therapist has been amazing and also offered cupping with massage. Best experience we have ever had!
Tony RamirezTony Ramirez
23:13 31 Mar 23
Highly recommend going here. Definitely the best customer service I have ever had. Will be coming back for sure. Staff is amazing and very helpful.
Jennie HarlanJennie Harlan
16:29 22 Feb 23
So relieved to have found Accident Care Chiropractic in Forest Grove. Dr. Rich is knowledgeable and the staff is very friendly. Scheduling appointments has been very easy. The treatments that I have received have been extremely helpful. This is a great place to receive care.
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If you have been in a car accident, you might be uncertain about the correct treatment to get. Our suggestion is to promptly seek medical attention either 
by visiting the hospital or arranging a check-up with your doctor.

We also highly encourage you to schedule an appointment with our skilled practitioners at Accident Care Chiropractic, located in Forest Grove, OR.

Our Accident Care Chiropractic Forest Grove, OR Team Specializes In:

At Accident Care Chiropractic, located in Forest Grove, OR, you can have complete confidence in the expertise and experience of our chiropractors.

Even if you believe yourself to be uninjured after your accident, obtaining a diagnosis from our chiropractors 
will provide the reassurance and peace of mind for your continued health and wellbeing.


Car accidents often result in the common injury known as whiplash. Whiplash occurs when the neck and head experience forceful, abrupt movements in a backward and forward direction due to the sudden impact of a collision. The resulting effects of whiplash can manifest as severe neck and back pain, immobility, and an impact on your overall well-being.

Auto Injury

After a car accident, the best course of action can vary, depending on the accident’s severity. In some cases, immediate medical attention may be necessary, while in others, you might be able to drive yourself home. Each car accident and resulting injuries are unique. Regardless of your accident’s circumstances, or the perceived extent of your injuries, it is recommended that you seek the attention of a good chiropractor after a car accident.

Live Pain Free

Our dedicated accident care chiropractors are committed to providing you with a proper diagnosis, tailored treatment, and a personalized roadmap for your recovery. Our holistic strategy focuses on relieving pain and inflammation, improving mobility, and expediting healing for injuries sustained in car accidents or other incidents.

Diagnosing hidden or latent injuries

Receiving a chiropractic treatment following a car accident includes a comprehensive diagnosis with our imaging tools and a thorough body scan. This process not only helps identify accident-related injuries but also uncovers hidden injuries that may have been overlooked. By effectively addressing and treating these otherwise hidden injuries, patients often experience an improved state compared to before the accident.

The presence of latent injuries often pose a significant challenge for victims of car accidents. Due to the body’s surge of adrenaline, symptoms are often delayed, making it difficult to immediately detect such injuries. It is essential to recognize that injuries can manifest days or even weeks after a traumatic event like a car accident. Seeking prompt attention enables your chiropractor to diagnose and treat the injury early, preventing further complications and deterioration.

Non-invasive treatments

In addition to its effectiveness, another advantage of chiropractic care following a car accident is its non-invasive nature. Many doctors propose invasive treatment plans, such as surgery, which may be necessary in certain situations. However, for numerous cases, alternative options like chiropractic care exist, offering a non-invasive approach. If you are uncertain about undergoing surgery, we encourage you to contact our clinic and arrange an appointment for a second opinion on treatment alternatives that do not involve invasive procedures.

Effective treatment options

The primary reason for receiving chiropractic treatment following a car accident is the availability of effective treatment options. Situated in Forest Grove, OR, our chiropractors possess extensive training and experience, providing a diverse range of personalized treatment choices tailored to each individual patient and their specific injuries.

Because we specialize in car accident cases, our chiropractors are experts in helping victims who suffer from these kinds of injuries. We possess the expertise to accurately diagnose such injuries and provide you with a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation plan that helps to expedite your recovery and restore you to your former self as soon as possible.

Managing pain

Pain is usually the most common symptom for car accident injuries. If you are experiencing any form of pain following a car accident, you may opt for treatment at a hospital or consult with a medical doctor. While immediate medical attention is recommended, conventional pain management approaches often involve the prescription of pain medication. However, pain medication merely alleviates symptoms without addressing the underlying causes of pain, and it carries the risk of addiction.

In our Forest Grove, OR clinic, our chiropractors take a targeted approach to treatment, aiming to identify and address the root causes your pain. Our tailored recovery plan not only helps to reduce and alleviate your pain, it also accelerates the healing process. Working with a chiropractor who specializes in accident care and recovery helps to ensure that you receive the proper treatment for any injuries that might cause you ongoing discomfort, as well as helping to prevent any future complications.

Insurance settlements

Following a car accident, insurance coverage for treatment expenses are a common concern for our patients. Fortunately, accident care is covered by insurance as part of post-accident treatment, removing the worry of potential costs that might hinder your recovery.

Our dedicated staff takes care of the essential documentation required for your insurance company or lawyer, including appointment records, diagnoses, and treatment details. This eliminates the burden for you, allowing you to focus on your healing and recovery. If you are pursuing a settlement, your chiropractor will provide you and your lawyer with comprehensive information regarding the diagnosis and treatment plan for injuries resulting from the accident.

For these reasons, consulting with a chiropractor is highly recommended after a car accident. Delaying treatment not only increases the risk of exacerbating your auto injury but may also result in insurance companies rejecting coverage if too much time has elapsed. This is why we highly recommend that you schedule an appointment as soon as possible to ensure prompt and proper care.

If you were recently in a car accident in or around Forest Grove, OR, reach out to us today!

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