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How does time loss from work after a car accident?

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Car accidents are always unexpected, and that often leaves people unprepared for what comes after. You may not have any sick days saved up or paid time off, and many people don’t understand how disruptive a car accident can be. It can completely upend your life in many ways, including your work life.

Missing work doesn't mean missing income

Depending on the severity of the accident and the injuries, how much time you need to take off from work can vary. But even mild injuries can warrant some time off, as nobody wants to return to work immediately after experiencing a mentally and physically traumatic event. Here we answer important questions about how time lost from your job after a car accident works.

How much time can you take off after an accident?

There is no universally allotted minimum or maximum time you can take off from work after an accident. It depends mostly on the severity of your injuries, your workplace, and the job itself. However, there are some factors that can help you determine how much time you can take.

Severity of injuries

If you were hospitalized after a car accident, or you’re injured, you will probably be given some time off to recover. Just make sure to notify your employer as soon as you can. In general, people often return to work about a month after their accident, even while they are still recovering from whiplash. However, more serious injuries may allow you to take a longer time off of work. Your doctor should be able to provide you with recommendations regarding when you can go back to work.

Workplace policy

You should speak with your company’s human resources department and your boss to determine which options are available to you. Every company has different workplace policies when it comes to taking time off to recover from injuries, so you should find out as much as you can.

Also, it likely depends on what kind of job you’re working. If you’re working in an office and can carry out your main duties at a desk with little issue regarding your injuries, you may be required to go back to work sooner than if you had a more laborious job that required physical exertion.

Pain and suffering

If you are required to return to work earlier than you are ready due to an injury or emotional distress caused by a car accident, then you will need to further discuss this with your employer. Some companies may provide you with paid time off, while others will not. If you won’t be provided with paid compensation time off, then your next best option may be to take unpaid leave while you recover. However, if you are seeking a personal injury settlement, you should seek reimbursement for any lost income.

Although your health and recovery should be the priority after a car accident, you should weigh that against how much time you can afford to take off from work. It’s usually best to return to work as soon as you and your doctor agree it’s time.

How much time should you take off from work?

The short answer is that you should take as much time off from work as your doctor asks you to. Returning to work too soon could irritate and worsen your injuries and not only lengthen the recovery phase but disrupt the healing process.

The number of days or weeks you should take off from work depends largely on how severe your injuries were, how your recovery goes, and how you feel. That’s why it’s important to discuss with your doctor when a good time to return to work would be.

That being said, even if you experienced little to no immediate injuries from your car accident, you should wait a minimum of three days to return to work. Some injuries are not immediately apparent and can take days or weeks to manifest. In addition, the adrenaline from the car accident can remain in your body for up to 3 days. That means you may not feel the full effect of your injuries until the adrenaline wears off. Taking 3 days to rest after a car accident will allow you to ensure that you are well enough to return to work. Also, it will give you some time to recover emotionally from the car accident.

Claiming lost income after an accident

Lost compenastioin after an accident doesn’t only include taking unpaid leave. If you had to take vacation days or sick days to recover from your accident, you can also file a claim for lost wages. Furthermore, you can file an insurance claim and reimbursement for other types of loss, including medical bills, car repairs, transportation reimbursement, and pain and suffering.

If you want to file a claim or reach a settlement after your car accident, you should speak to an attorney that specializes in car accident claims.

How to minimize lost wages after a car accident

Besides seeking reimbursment with a claim or settlement, the best way to minimize your lost wages is to seek the best treatment possible to reduce your recovery time. After an accident, you should always get examined at the hospital or by a doctor.

How Accident Care Chiropractic Helps You With Time Loss From Work

Afterward, it’s a good idea to book an appointment with one of the chiropractors at Accident Care Chiropractic. A chiropractor will do a thorough examination of your body and find any injuries, hidden or otherwise. This will not only provide you with additional medical documentation for insurance and accident claim purposes, but it will also give you additional treatment.

Chiropractic care is very effective at rooting out the root causes of injuries. This modality includes a variety of treatments aimed at healing, mobility restoration, and pain management. Continuing your recovery with a chiropractor will reduce your recovery period and ensure that your injuries heal properly.

If you don’t seek proper treatment after an accident, your injuries could get worse and you may need to take even more time off of work. So the best way to get better and get back to work as soon as you can is to get the right treatment with the right chiropractor.

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