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If You Have Been Injured in a Car Accident, Don’t Wait to Get Help. Call Us to Get Started. Specializing in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance.

Your recovery is our #1 priority at our McMinnville Chiropractor Clinic! Our dedicated group of licensed automobile injury chiropractic practitioners provide services ranging from spinal manipulation and spinal decompression to massage therapy and acupuncture. 

We are experts in recovery from a variety of car accident injuries. Accident Care Chiropractic is equipped with the latest medical equipment and chiropractic techniques. Our patients receive the highest quality automobile injury chiropractic treatment in McMinnville, OR.
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Symptoms of an Auto Injury infographic. Whiplash, Headaches & Concussion, Elbow & Arm, Knee & Leg Pain, Hip Pain.

McMinnville Clinic Services

Chiropractic Adjustments
Chiropractic Therapy Treatments
Massage Therapy
Physical Therapy
Auto Injury Recovery
PIP Insurance Support
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patient testimonials

See why our patients voted us top clinic with our 5-star reviews! 
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Sarah LinaresSarah Linares
04:43 06 Apr 24
Great place, friendly and knowledgeable staff. They helped me recover from an accident that happened while I was pregnant.
Ben ClarkBen Clark
05:39 21 Nov 23
Very helpful and got me back on track
Kylen TorresKylen Torres
09:34 16 Nov 23
10/10 very professional, very understanding, very good job with communication, would recommend my close family, if you need someone who knows what they are doing and someone you can trust, it would be these guys 100% 10/10 highly recommend
05:22 12 Oct 23
I really loved the care that I received. Dr.Medina is one of the kindest doctor I have ever had. He always gave me a pleasant experience, asking me about my day, making sure the care I received was working for me and even having just nice chats. His staff is also very wonderful. I could connect with everyone on a personal and fun level. Being able to talk about anything while still receiving care was fun. Also asking how all the different treatments work and understanding how everything helps with your healing process is an experience I won’t forget. I would 100% recommend coming to his office if you are injured. You not only will receive good care from a wonderful doctor but also someone who actually cares about your progress!!! Thank you doctor Medina and to your wonderful staff!!!!!- From Sam :)
Dolly PalaciosDolly Palacios
20:57 19 Jul 23
Highly recommend McMinnville Accident Care (Dr. Medina).. Their goal reflected 'to make as whole as possible.' Very professional staff.
Antonio LinaresAntonio Linares
21:49 06 Jul 23
Very friendly and helpful group at Acciddent Care Chiropractic!!! Helped my wife and I throw a vary scary and traumatizing time after our car accident. Would recommend anyone to go check them out!!
C TurnerC Turner
23:53 26 May 23
Ricardo lopezRicardo lopez
22:21 05 Apr 23
Thank you for all excellent and friendly treatment thanks
Juan PalaciosJuan Palacios
06:01 03 Mar 23
Brooke MckerrallBrooke Mckerrall
20:17 21 Feb 23
The staff is awesome make you feel at home and all are very caring
Angela GarciaAngela Garcia
00:44 02 Sep 22
I actually liked going to the doctor! This whole team is very nice to deal with. I would recommend this office to anyone who is need of good care. Thank you all so much!
03:53 31 Aug 22
If you need a great deep tissue message for an athlete, go to Brenda. She does an amazing job!
Tim ManceTim Mance
21:56 15 Aug 22
Highly recommended! I had a wonderful experience at the McMinnville clinic. They came up with a plan that catered to my needs for recovery. Everyone on staff was courteous, professional and friendly.
Jennifer NanceJennifer Nance
03:43 01 Aug 22
Accident care took good care of me after my car accident I was in a lot of pain when I first got there now I feel amazing always friendly smiles and prompt service.
Joe PhillipsJoe Phillips
04:09 28 Jul 22
I was a patient there for about 3. Months and the staff there and Darren are some of the best chiropractic affiliates I’ve seen in years they helped make me feel comfortable and relieved a lot of my pain through the traumatic experience from my car accident. I would recommend them over and over to anyone they I feel are the best in the business and have alot of care and knowledge and make you feel like family more than a patient. I will use them for a lifetime for any injuries I may ever sustain in the future. Thanks for being great and making me feel amazing.George phillips
Elsie BreedenElsie Breeden
01:50 27 Jul 22
They provide amazing care! Very friendly and accommodating with scheduling needs.
Lori HernandezLori Hernandez
23:59 11 May 22
Dr darren amd crew are the best
Ashley JohnsonAshley Johnson
01:51 02 May 22
Very friendly and informative staff. Like home atmosphere. Warm, genuine and real people. Will recommend all who need their services.
Rocio EcheverriaRocio Echeverria
14:23 01 Apr 22
They have an amazing work place environment. The employees are so nice. Always a pleasure going there.
Cece MarieCece Marie
17:51 21 Mar 22
Understanding of schedule changes and always have kind staff, I highly recommend 💫
Mandy NagelMandy Nagel
13:41 06 Oct 21
The care here is amazing! They really go the extra mile to make sure you're taken care of. So thankful I found these guys after my auto accident. Highly recommend!
Jay AcuñaJay Acuña
01:16 28 Aug 21
Great treatment! Dr. James Vandal is the best.
Miguel JacintoMiguel Jacinto
03:11 04 May 21
What they do is Great. They helped me a lot with my back. They’re professional. Highly recommended.
Ulises BoysoUlises Boyso
20:44 04 Apr 21
Accident chiropractic helped my wife with her therapies due to a car accident las year. The recovery was surprisingly fast.
JG VeraJG Vera
00:45 30 Jan 21
I feel thankful to youDr James Vandal😎Lisette Ornelas😍Ana🤠I do really appreciate you helpYou are the Best
Sou LashSou Lash
21:16 21 Oct 20
I visited Accident Care Chiropractic to treat my back injury. Dr. James Vandal gave me his full attention and personalized treatment plan after examining my x-rays. He's knowledgeable and compassionate. He listens and cares. Big part of my pain was relieved after the 1st session, I had joy tears in my eyes! I am so excited to continue my treatment with Dr. James. I can't say enough of "Thank You".Souraya :)
Hannah ForsterHannah Forster
19:23 08 Jul 20
After having a bad experience with a Chiropractic years ago, I was hesitant to see Dr. James Vandal, but I was blown away with his skills. He truly takes the time to listen about your medical history and needs. I really appreciate Dr. James explaining what is that he will be doing that visit and how it will help.I highly recommend going see Dr. James for your Chiropractic needs!
Terri BrewerTerri Brewer
19:41 02 Jul 20
I’ve been to multiple chiropractors over the years. Dr.James Vandal is the only one who had X-rays taken. He was able to personalize my treatment around the findings in the x-rays.This personalized treatment plan has reduced my pain level from an 8 to a 2 or 3 in just a few treatments. Dr. Vandal is professional and courteous. I highly recommend he and his staff!
alycia lefeveralycia lefever
23:16 17 Mar 20
Love this accident care, have recommended to family and they love them too! 10/10 recommend!!
Adriana SendejasAdriana Sendejas
02:55 22 Nov 19
Excellent service! My experience at Accident Care Chiropractic with Dr.James was amazing, their easy to schedule with and easy going group of people! I highly recommend this chiropractic clinic! Dr.James listened to my concerns and took the time to explain the problem & the plan of treatment. I got a back adjustment on my 1st visit by Dr. James it was amazing & I felt really comfortable with my plan of care. Over all the staff there made sure I was comfortable at all times.
Kimberly GomezKimberly Gomez
20:22 11 Oct 19
I was in a car accident and been getting treatment here. They make me feel so welcomed, and are so polite. Dr. James is amazing to work with, he makes sure I’m comfortable with the adjustment, and with my Exercises. Over all they make sure I’m comfortable at all times, Dr. James doesn’t like to force adjustments, he’s really amazing.the lady at the front desk makes me so welcomed and is so kind. Over all my experience here was amazing.
Meet our team


Our team includes a range of specialists trained to handle just about any accident-related injury.

Our McMinnville Clinic is Here to Deliver You a Dedicated Care Plan

No one wants to live with pain following an accident, and our McMinnville Clinic gives you the best care you can get!

We’ve Got You Covered

Insurance pays for your recovery treatment and rehabilitation.
In addition to our accident therapy we provide the extra help you may need with any of the claims process.

PIP Insurance

After being injured in an accident, patients frequently find it difficult to obtain the care they need to recover. PIP insurance generally pays for all care following an accident, including care provided by a chiropractor. If you currently have PIP coverage, accessing the benefits is generally rather easy. Ask us how the coverage works and if it will be beneficial in your recovery care program.

Auto Injury

We provide car accident recovery allowing you to enjoy the best massage therapy & rehabilitation clinic in McMinnville Oregon. We provide you with top automobile injury chiropractic care from a certified car accident chiropractor. Contact Accident Care Chiropractic to help you fully recover after your car accident injury. Your health is our #1 priority!


As a rule, the no-fault insurance coverage will pay claims for chiropractic care following an automobile accident as long as the treatment is deemed medically necessary. After an accident, injured victims may be able to access coverage from a number of insurers to help them obtain the care needed to recover.

We’re Dedicated to Serving McMinnville, OR Residents

Whiplash and Back Pain

Whiplash and back pain are incredibly common following vehicle accidents, especially rear-end collisions. In some cases, the pain will disappear after a few weeks of healing and proper medical care, including chiropractic treatments. However, many patients will experience chronic pain for months, or even years, following an accident. Getting the necessary care as soon as possible after an accident improves your chances of enjoying a full recovery. If you’ve been involved in an accident and are experiencing any neck or back pain, contact our team of experts today to schedule an evaluation and obtain the care you need.

Massage Therapy in McMinnville, OR

While chiropractic care and massage therapy are somewhat similar, there are distinct differences, which explains why the two types of care are complementary. When working with a chiropractor in McMinnville, the care provider will explain the scope of their treatment and discuss how adding massage therapy will benefit a specific patient’s treatment plan. Massage therapy is often recommended when chronic conditions are present and need regular attention to keep a patient comfortable.

Acupuncture Reduces Pain Levels for Many Patients

Since every injury is somewhat different, the approaches taken to reduce pain and promote healing will also vary. In many instances, more than one type of care may be recommended, depending on the patient’s condition and response to the therapies. Acupuncture is often used alone or in conjunction with another type of care.

Because acupuncture uses no drugs and is non-invasive, many patients are attracted to its pain-management benefits. If you’re unsure if acupuncture is an appropriate treatment for your condition, take the time now to schedule an appointment to evaluate your care options.

Post Accident Treatment

After an accident, McMinnville residents need fast, quality care to restore their health and ability to engage in normal daily activities. With our team’s many years of experience helping accident victims, we’ve built a client base that we’ve helped get their lives back following an injury. If you’re involved in an accident, we’re here to ensure your injuries are properly treated and become nothing more than a memory.

Start Your Chiropractic Visit with X-Rays

When they’re in pain, our patients want prompt care individualized to meet their medical needs. To start the process, we take X-rays to help us evaluate each patient’s condition and determine which types of care would provide the optimal results. Because we take the X-rays in-house, there is no delay while waiting for an outside service to read them. In addition, most insurance carriers cover the cost of X-rays.

Physical Therapy Provides Ongoing Treatment

Although most medical practices outsource their physical therapy services, we believe handling your therapy needs in-house provides better and faster healing. Our physical therapists work with accident patients to strengthen injured areas and promote faster healing. Since our therapists work closely with the chiropractors, communications regarding care are handled quickly and there is virtually no chance of the therapist misunderstanding the treatments recommended by the chiropractor.

Our Clinic in McMinnville, OR is One Of The Best Chiropractors For Recovery

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