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If You Have Been Injured in a Car Accident, Don’t Wait to Get Help. Call Us to Get Started. Specializing in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance.

Our Woodburn Chiropractor clinic has years of experience in the auto injury and whiplash accidents. We are the go-to choice for people in Woodburn who wish to recover from car accident injuries with chiropractic care.

Accident Care provides exceptional ways to speed up your recovery process. We use a variety of therapy to get you back to your regular day-to-day life. Our accident chiropractors helps you make your way back to a normal life as quickly and pain free as possible.
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Symptoms of an Auto Injury infographic. Whiplash, Headaches & Concussion, Elbow & Arm, Knee & Leg Pain, Hip Pain.

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Chiropractic Adjustments
Chiropractic Therapy Treatments
Massage Therapy
Physical Therapy
Auto Injury Recovery
PIP Insurance Support
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our patient testimonials

Angel CarrasquilloAngel Carrasquillo
22:13 09 Jan 24
Good place then help me a lot
Angel CarrasquilloAngel Carrasquillo
17:50 30 Oct 23
Lacy SpetterLacy Spetter
01:41 21 Sep 23
Dr. Matt and the whole team were beyond kind and informative as they aided my recovery journey. I’m so thankful for them and highly recommend to anyone in need of accident care.
Mandy SmithMandy Smith
21:55 18 Sep 23
If I could leave a 1000 I would! Everyone at this location is amazing,friendly,welcoming! Jackie an Janelly always great me with such kindness ❤️ than I had to bring my 2 year old an oh boy they jumped right in to help so I was able to get the care I needed. Melissa always knows right were to massage to help make your pain go away. Dr. Matt is so kind an easy to talk to he can get you in an out feeling amazing 👏 an well heard! Thank you for being such an amazing team! 👏
Luis IbarraLuis Ibarra
22:12 15 Sep 23
Huge shoutout to Dr. Matt and the staff team for getting me an appointment scheduled rapidly.I suffered from a back accident and was taken care of immediately. Dr. Matt is very knowledgeable and professional along with the team. THE BEST CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC IN TOWN! HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO STOP BY AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!!
Melisza SnegireffMelisza Snegireff
16:34 01 Aug 23
This company is more then amazing. Dr. Fryauf is so kind and helpful. The ladies there were the sweetest. Always cared for there patients and tried there best to make sure there patients were comfortable and safe. Not only are they amazing hut my mom and I appreciate such hard work they do to make the visits go by fast but also work on the key components to get you feeling better. Much appreciated and loved by all. Thank you so much for everything. 💜🙏💜🙏💜
Araceli TrujilloAraceli Trujillo
21:49 22 Jul 23
Excellent service, thank you very much Jacqueline and Yaneli and Melisa to the doctor
Erika MartinezErika Martinez
00:58 18 Jul 23
Rossy BeltranRossy Beltran
23:25 15 May 23
Thank you very much for your patience and the great effort you put into my recovery.
Tamera Daniel (Tami)Tamera Daniel (Tami)
00:12 04 Apr 23
This is the second time I needed them. They came through with fling colors. Dr. Matt and the ladies are knowledgeable. I feel so much better 🥰 thanks 🙏💕
Janelly HernandezJanelly Hernandez
19:25 20 Mar 23
I love the girls they make me feel very welcomed and they are very friendly:) Also Dr Matt was very friendly and always made sure I was comfortable. Gonna miss the team
Alexis RamirezAlexis Ramirez
20:00 16 Mar 23
BEYOND AMAZING SERVICE! The girls who work there are SO sweet and helpful. Dr. Matt was so thorough with everything!
Yahir GarciaYahir Garcia
18:44 06 Mar 23
Amazing place! Worked well with my scheduling. Super friendly staff!
Jay GarciaJay Garcia
22:54 16 Nov 22
I absolutely love this place. I always recieve a warm welcome from the front staff (Jacquie and Nat). The rest of the staff aswell (Seth, Melissa)!! Oh and cant forget about Dr. Matt, great educator, explains very thoroughly! 100% recommend this place!!
sophia reyessophia reyes
17:29 27 Jul 22
Jacquie And Natally are so nice they’re always super helpful and friendly
Brian TorresBrian Torres
21:35 13 Jun 22
Good customer service. Jacquie, Nat, where helpful with my appointment today. 10/10
00:02 11 Jun 22
Absolutely love the staff & doctors! Entering the office you receive a friendly welcome from the girls. Dr. Matt checks in to see how you’re doing and makes sure you are comfortable during any adjustments.The team is very knowledgeable and the assistants are also bilingual which is a plus!Hope no one experiences an accident but if you do, I highly recommend this location.
Nataly RodriguezNataly Rodriguez
00:25 09 Jun 22
Getting in a car accident sucks, but coming here to get treated was one of the best decisions I made. All of the ladies are so nice & caring. Thank you Amy, Chelsea, Jacquie & Nat. Also big thanks to Dr Matt & Melissa the massage therapist. Appreciate you all so much!
Jorge PaniaguaJorge Paniagua
21:33 09 Mar 22
Really nice and friendly staff. They get the job done quickly get you In and out! :)
Cielo LopezCielo Lopez
01:43 08 Mar 22
For a first timer at a chiropractor the treatment is great the Staff is very friendly and welcoming. The massages and adjustment are amazing. They’re very flexible with schedules as well. Would recommend :)
Victor GranadosVictor Granados
00:16 16 Feb 22
Great place, really love their staff:) highly recommend them.
Yaneli Pineda-RomeroYaneli Pineda-Romero
23:21 15 Feb 22
Very nice and professional staff. The massages and adjustment are amazing I would highly recommend coming here.
Kathya MendezKathya Mendez
21:16 02 Nov 21
I had such a great experience coming in for my first appointment as a new patient. Everyone, including assistants and Dr. Matt, are welcoming. I appreciate the care they have for their patients. I would want to thank my friend, Luis Morales, who recommended me to this chiropractor. I also truly appreciate them being so flexible with my schedule!!
Robert CarrilloRobert Carrillo
23:30 09 Jun 21
I can't say enough how much Dr. Matt Fryauf, Dr. Nguyen, and Blanca have helped my wife and I. Probably the best thing I can say about Dr. Fryauf is how he listens. Usually several times during each of my sessions with him he will ask me if there's anything else I want to talk about. He really makes sure that my needs are met and this directly translates into the care he needs to give me.Dr. Nguyen has a very upbeat personality and is very pleasant to talk to...right up to the point of the physical therapy. At that point she turns into a drill instructor to make sure I am doing all my exercises and doing them correctly. Sad to say, I need this kind of motivation, ha.And then there's Blanca the massage therapist. She is simply AMAZING!! She starts off each session asking what areas I am having issues with to make sure she hits them all. She has found areas that hurt that I didn't even know where injured. Blanca really connects with her patients and is such an essential, and bright part of the healing process with her bubbly personality.
Michael VillaMichael Villa
18:42 07 Jun 21
This place is great!! Dr. Matt goes above and beyond to help his patients I recommended this place to my aunt and cousin that were both in an accident recently. The staff there was very friendly and helpful. I want thank Dr. Matt especially for taking care of my family members like they were his own. I would highly recommend this place to anyone.
Li ChenLi Chen
03:23 26 Mar 21
Estefania is very nice and helpful.
Jesenia ClowJesenia Clow
19:05 13 Dec 20
Great place to get chiropractic, therapy, and massage treatment. Dr. Matt is really kind and makes sure you are comfortable with his methods. Blanca the massage therapist is the absolute best therapist ever! She is especially great if you need or like deep tissue. They also speak Spanish if needed. Definitely recommend.
Mario GarciaMario Garcia
22:31 17 Aug 20
I got my x-rays done here, very friendly facility, the people are great and helpful. I didn’t have to visit another place to get X-rays done so it was very convenient and easy. Love the visit would highly recommend them.
niko mudongniko mudong
01:14 31 Jan 20
I’ve never had a massage before and let me tell you it was awesome. I feel so much better and I can move around more, my work consists of constant physical labor so I really need my back and my neck to not give me such a hard time. I would recommend this place, they’re all very welcoming and super friendly!
Claudia RiveraClaudia Rivera
01:06 29 Jan 20
This was my first visit ever to a Chiropractor and I will admit I was a little nervous, but everyone was friendly and made me feel comfortable. Dr. John was awesome! He explained everything to me and I felt confident they were going to help with my discomfort! I am happy to say, the areas that where affected by my accident are improving, thanks to their help. I have been getting treated with adjustments, massages, exercises and muscle stimulators. What i also like is that they are always flexible with appointment scheduling. The front desk receptionist/massage therapist Blanca is kind, professional and courteous. Would definitely recommend!
02:49 23 Jan 20
Was welcomed here after a work injury and wouldn't choose any other place to be treated at! First off scheduling is amazing, be it in the morning or late at evening after work I was able to get an appointment -very flexible.Second of all they focus on your injury/issue and try their best to make it easier. Dr. Carlson adjusted me and he has been the greatest. He made sure I was getting better each time and helped me with ways to ease my pain at home and work. He answers any questions and is willing to explain all that is going on with your injury. Blanca, at the front desk and the current massage therapist, is awesome. Always welcomes you with a smile and is sure to make sure you are comfortable. Her attention to the massage is great, she communicates very well and makes sure that it is the right pressure and it's not too painful - best massage I have had yet. Sadly to say, my sessions ended and hopefully I dont get injured again. But if anything happens, I'm definitely coming here again!
Meet our team


If you are in pain after an accident or injury, call Accident Care Chiropractic today to make an appointment.

One of the Best Chiropractors In Woodburn, OR

Chiropractic care aims to treat pain and inflammation and help the patient regain functionality after whiplash.
If you have experienced a neck or back injury, contact Accident Care Chiropractic to get a diagnosis and start the treatments that will help you recover.

Insurance Covers Your Costs, No Out of Pocket Expenses

Accident Care Chiropractic will help you with your entire claims process.
Your recovery therapy is our number one goal!

PIP Insurance

In the state of Oregon, every driver is required to have personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, also known as no-fault insurance. Furthermore, all drivers must have a minimum of $15,000 of coverage per injured person. PIP insurance covers injuries from a car accident regardless of who was at fault. Coverage typically includes all necessary medical expenses as well as lost income and any other costs related to the injury. Passengers are covered first by the driver’s PIP, and then by their own policy, if needed.

Pain Free

Chiropractic medicine offers a natural, holistic, and non-invasive approach to healing that can benefit patients in several specific ways. For one thing, chiropractic manipulation of the spine can reduce inflammation, which eases pain and stiffness in the back and joints. Chiropractic treatments also stimulate the body to release natural pain-killing chemicals that help patients feel better without drugs.


One of the most common questions people have about chiropractic medicine is whether insurance covers chiropractic treatments. The good news is that PIP, or no-fault insurance, covers all necessary medical expenses after an accident, including chiropractic care. Furthermore, many health insurance plans, including Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield, also cover chiropractic treatments. Patients should keep records of their symptoms and progress as well as records of their treatment in case the insurance company ever questions the need for care.

Your Local Chiropractor in Woodburn, OR for Car Accidents

Physical Therapy To Aid Recovery After An Accident

Physical therapy is often a crucial part of the recovery process for people who have been in accidents. Chiropractors provide physical therapy to help patients strengthen injured muscles, regain and maintain functionality, and recover more quickly. Physical therapy typically includes guided exercises at the chiropractor’s office as well as exercises to practice at home. The exercises target specific body parts and aim to increase both strength and range of motion. Without physical therapy, there is a risk that a patient’s injury will not heal properly or completely.

Massage Therapy For Pain Relief

Chiropractic medicine focuses on the muscles, nerves, joints, and bones and natural healing through proper alignment of the neuromusculoskeletal system. Chiropractic massage works on the muscles to increase blood flow and release toxins in the soft tissue. Massage can also help to relieve inflammation and reduce pain. Chiropractors often prescribe massage therapy because massage can increase the effectiveness of a spinal adjustment and other types of chiropractic care.

Acupuncture For Pain In Woodburn, OR

Chiropractic medicine takes a holistic approach to healing, using non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical methods to promote natural healing. Acupuncture, a non-invasive therapy rooted in Chinese medicine, can help chiropractic patients reduce their pain and recover more quickly from an injury. An acupuncturist places very fine needles at specific points on the patient’s body. According to Chinese tradition, the needles interrupt and redirect the flow of energy throughout the body to release blocked energy. Another understanding of acupuncture is that the needles stimulate the nerves and muscles, releasing endorphins and other chemicals that naturally relieve pain. Contact Accident Care Chiropractic to learn more about the benefits of acupuncture and other forms of chiropractic care.

Getting X-Rays At A Chiropractic Clinic

When patients visit a chiropractor in Woodburn, OR for the first time, they can expect to receive a thorough diagnostic exam. Chiropractors use a variety of tests to assess the patient’s overall health, muscle tone and strength, and range of motion of certain joints. An exam may also include x-rays and other types of imaging, which can help to pinpoint the location of an injury and identify other underlying issues. X-rays are an especially common and effective diagnostic tool for chiropractors. At Accident Care Chiropractic, patients can get an x-ray in the office without having to go to a hospital or imaging center.

Come See The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care In Woodburn, OR

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