Whether it’s whiplash or chronic back pain crying out for a treatment, you can rely on a chiropractor to find the most appropriate treatment for your condition. The practice of chiropractic involves spinal manipulation to encourage blood flow and circulation. It also releases any pinched nerves that may be causing excruciating pain. Read more

Back pain plagues more than just a few people. In fact, as many as 31 million Americans suffer from low-back pain every year. Just because it’s common, however, does not mean it should be suffered and endured without any attempts at relief. Read more

There’s an array of injuries a car accident can cause, including concussions, fractures, and lacerations. Your neck is one of the most vulnerable parts in such accidents. Because seatbelts hold your body still but your head and neck can move freely, the rapid changes in the car’s speed during a collision can seriously hurt it. It usually hits the soft tissues, intervertebral discs, and joint capsules. While it’s most likely for someone involved in a car accident to experience pain immediately, some injuries take time to manifest and the symptoms get worse over time. Read more

Car crashes can seriously ruin the quality of your life no matter how minor you think it is. A lot of collisions can lead to disability, long-term pain, and other symptoms which can show up years down the road. Read more

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