Based on the latest reports from the National Highway Traffic Administration, a car accident takes place every minute in the United States. That amounts to more than 5.25 million crashes per year. Many result in extensive injuries for those involved. Neck and back pain are common issues following an accident, with almost all victims suffering from problems like these during the days and weeks after being involved in a crash.

Getting Appropriate Medical Care After an Accident

Seeking medical care after an accident is advised even if you don’t feel any immediate pain. From there, visiting a car accident chiropractor Hillsboro can help further reduce your pain and discomfort. You can expect numerous benefits from scheduling chiropractic care after you’ve been in an accident.

Alleviating Pain

Many people fail to realize just how much force they’re subjected to during a car crash. Even an accident that results in minimal automotive damage can exert thousands of pounds of pressure. The human body isn’t meant to handle that type of force. It can cause extensive injuries to the neck and back as well as other problems. Chiropractors can provide effective relief from accident-related pain whether it’s caused by a pinched nerve, wrenched muscles, or herniated discs. Of course, chiropractic treatment can also eliminate soreness resulting from the sheer jolt of the crash itself.

Eliminating Inflammation

Inflammation is a leading cause of pain. It’s often caused by your body’s immune system trying to heal after an injury. When you’re in a car accident, your immune system springs into action to resolve your injuries. Having said that, the bodily system that’s designed to protect you can also cause intense pain and other problems. Visits to a car accident chiropractor Hillsboro can help reduce inflammation. In turn, they’ll reduce the pain you’re experiencing from your body’s natural line of defense.

Beyond the Basics

In addition to reducing pain and inflammation following a car accident, a chiropractor can be instrumental in your recovery in other ways. Chiropractic care can help reduce mobility issues after being injured in an accident and minimize internal scar tissue from your injuries. It’s a non-invasive way to resolve pain and discomfort. Even more importantly, it’s a safe and effective alternative to simply dealing with the pain.

Sports-related injuries are most common for active people. Depending on what caused the injury, an individual might need to undergo physical therapy after a professional diagnosis, but this doesn’t always solve lingering pain issues. Fortunately, the best chiropractor Hillsboro residents recommend can manipulate aggravated areas of the body using several methods to provide patients with the relief they seek.

Relieving Pain Throughout the Body

When the average person thinks of a chiropractor, they envision a medical professional adjusting the neck and spine. Chiropractic practices have advanced over the past twenty years to include treatments like core strengthening, massage, and therapeutic ultrasound. Anyone suffering from persistent pain or dealing with the aftermath of a sports injury will find that a chiropractic clinic can greatly assist in the healing process.

Treatment for All Manner of Injury

On top of sports injuries, many people benefit from chiropractic services if they have been in a car accident. When two vehicles collide, or one hits a stationary object, the people inside can end up with neck, shoulder, back, and even leg injuries. In both major and minor accidents, the force of impact can send the body into unnatural movements that lead to muscular and skeletal issues that are best treated through chiropractic and massage therapies.

Post Medicinal Pain Relief

After a patient has completed medical treatment for an automotive injury, they can still suffer from painful muscles and joints. Turning to the top experienced accident care chiropractor Hillsboro, OR has to offer will help people find instant relief. From chiropractic, massage, and physical therapies, to acupuncture and physiotherapy treatments, this team of experts will find the proper form of pain management for each patient.

Release All the Pain in One Visit

Visiting the chiropractor doesn’t mean that an individual is limited to one service. Patients can take advantage of a personalized physical therapy session and top it off with a relaxing massage to help drive out all their annoying aches and pains. On other visits, patients can receive a chiropractic adjustment before partaking in acupuncture treatment to relieve muscle pain or the effects of arthritis.

Treating Pain With Precision

Whether pain originates from athletic activities, accidental injury, or damaging impact, chiropractors can provide relief. With many methods at their disposal, these trusted professionals will find a way to help each patient resolve their specific problem.

Dealing with pain after a car accident can be debilitating. Soft tissue injuries can be difficult to overcome and sometimes take a long time to heal. After a Car Accident, individuals often find their backs and necks are in a lot of pain. Seeing the Hillsboro Chiropractor allows individuals to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment for their injuries.

Common Injuries After a Car Accident

An Auto Injury can be devastating and leave a person unable to participate in their normal day-to-day activities. It is important a person knows the common injuries that can be experienced after an accident.

  • Whiplash is common, especially when a person’s vehicle is hit from behind.
  • Broken bones can also occur because of the impact.
  • Contusions are common after a serious accident.
  • Head injuries can also occur in some accidents.
  • Sometimes, serious internal injuries can occur.

No matter the symptoms after a car accident, it is imperative individuals seek a Chiropractor Near Me. A chiropractor can diagnose a person’s injuries and work to ensure they are treated. If the injuries are simply in the soft tissues, spinal manipulation, massage, and heat therapy can be beneficial.

What to Expect From Chiropractic Treatment

Knowing what to expect from treatment is essential for allowing a person to be prepared. The first step in chiropractic treatment is a full evaluation. The doctor will examine the patient and determine the extent of their injuries. If any are serious, the injured person may be sent to other medical professionals for extensive care.

The first treatment will involve massage and heat to loosen up the muscles and offer pain relief. Once the muscles are limber, the doctor can go to work on moving the spinal vertebrae back into their natural positions. Often, back pain is caused by subluxations that press on the sensitive nerve tissues.

With time, the joints begin to stay in place because the muscle tissues and other soft tissues heal. It is important to follow the directions of the doctor, to ensure the healing process is effective and as short as possible. The Best Hillsboro Chiropractor can offer all types of treatment that will be beneficial to patients.

Those who have been injured in an accident should consider seeking chiropractic care right away. Call today to schedule an appointment 503-574-1999.

We all want to keep our kids as safe as possible, which is why we go to such great lengths to read labels and comparison shop to find the best products for our kids.  Unfortunately, we can’t always protect them from harm.  Even with a car that receives top safety ratings and a car seat designed to protect a child’s small body, a car accident can subject a child’s body to extreme forces, resulting in injury or even death.

The good news is, car seats are designed to provide extra protection thanks to 5-point harnesses, additional padding, and other safety precautions.  Even older kids can benefit from belt positioning booster seats until they are large enough to use the seat belt normally.  According to Partners for Child Passenger Safety (PCPS), such precautions can reduce the risk of injury by 58% in side impact crashes, which tend to be the most harmful to child passengers.

Still, the majority of crashes are front or rear end collisions.  Any time you’re in an accident, you need to understand how your children could be affected.  Here’s what can happen to a child’s body in an accident.


When an impact occurs, it subjects the driver and passengers to incredible forces that generally cause the body to whip back and forth or side to side, depending on where impact occurs.  For safety reasons, children are often placed in the second row of seats.

This, paired with the use of appropriate car seats or boosters can help to minimize harm to children, but they’re still going to experience at least some impact force, which will cause them to be thrust away from the impact site and then whipped back toward it.  Accidents can also result in broken glass and debris inside the car that can harm child passengers.


While adults most frequently suffer from injuries like whiplash, traumatic brain injury, and broken bones as a result of car accidents, the injuries most common to children can be a bit different.  Head injuries and concussions also frequently occur with child passengers, but children may also be more susceptible than adults to chest and back injuries, as well as organ damage.

As with adults, the harm done to children is not always clear in the immediate aftermath of an accident, which is why children involved in auto collisions should always be thoroughly examined by medical professionals as soon as possible to diagnose potential injuries and begin necessary treatment.

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 6 million car accidents occur each year.  Of that number, about 40% are classified as rear end collisions.  Thanks to advanced safety features, many people walk away from fender benders and even more serious accidents completely unharmed.  However, it’s not uncommon for injuries to result from traffic collisions.

If you are rear ended, any number of injuries could result, but some are much more common than others.  When an accident happens and adrenaline is high, you might not notice aches and pains immediately, but when you are aware of what could occur, you may be more inclined to take inventory and seek medical attention.  Here are some of the most common injuries resulting from being rear ended.


When your car is rear ended, it can cause your head to snap back and forth in a violent motion, damaging the soft tissue of your neck.  This could leave you with symptoms ranging from mild soreness to serious pain and associated side effects like migraines.

The worst thing about whiplash is that it could take days or weeks to realize the full extent of your injury.  Whiplash is the injury most often associated with rear end collisions because victims generally don’t see the accident coming and are unable to brace for impact.


Traumatic brain injuries are also common following rear end collisions, and concussions are perhaps the most frequent type.  The sudden snapping motion of the neck and/or a blow to the head could cause your brain to bounce or twist inside your skull.

This trauma can lead to swelling around the brain and symptoms like dizziness, headache, confusion, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and even amnesia.  Some people who experience concussions pass out (although some do not).  You may not realize you have a concussion right away, so it’s best to get checked out by a medical professional.

Broken Bones

When your body is thrust forward during a rear end collision, you could end up with broken bones from hitting the steering wheel, dashboard, or other surface of the car.  It’s not uncommon for broken bones to occur in the hands, feet, ribcage, spine, and skull.


Any rear end collision could result in injury, but at high rates of speed, the outcomes could be much worse.  When serious spinal injury occurs, the result could be some form of paralysis, either temporary or permanent.  It all depends on where and how the spine is injured and the severity of the trauma.

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For many people, getting into an auto accident can cause psychological and physical trauma due to the crash. It’s common to feel pain when you sustain injuries, which can often last for several weeks or months. If you’re recovering from a collision, there are a few signs that you need to receive chiropractic care to improve your well-being.

Back Pain

Many people develop back pain after being involved in an accident due to whiplash that occurs from the collision. The spine can be out of alignment and can cause the nerves to be pinched, which can cause a significant amount of pain in the neck and back on a daily basis. Instead of covering up the discomfort with medication, it’s important to visit a professional to receive adjustments. A skilled chiropractor can improve the alignment of your spine and offer relief for the pain because he specializes in musculoskeletal conditions and is aware of the best techniques to use.


One of the most common issues that develop after being involved in an auto accident is stiffness in different areas of the body. You may find it difficult to turn your head a certain direction or have limited mobility in your arms. Stiffness can develop due to soft tissue injuries and can lead to spinal disc degeneration. The stiffness can also be caused by scar tissue that forms on the muscles.

Increasing Severity of Symptoms

It’s only common to expect the pain or discomfort to reduce in severity over time, but many find that the symptoms begin to get worse. A delay in treatment can often lead to long-term pain, making it necessary to see a professional to address the issues. You can receive pain relief without having to rely on medication that is often prescribed. Some people resort to using pain medication, which can lead to withdrawal symptoms or a dependency later on.

Inflammation is Present

Inflammation is reduced when visiting a chiropractor due to ligaments and muscles that are stretched. Chiropractic care reduces inflammation in the body by helping the soft tissue to heal and find relief.

When you want to recover from an auto accident, there are several reasons to visit a chiropractor. Those who have been in an accident can suffer from different injuries and symptoms, making it necessary to identify any signs that indicate that they may need to visit a professional chiropractor in the local area.


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