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A lot of people who are suffering from chronic pain are reluctant to seek medical assistance because they are afraid their treatment might involve invasive techniques such as surgery. Thanks to the advent of chiropractic care, they now have a drug-free and surgery-free treatment option. Read more

After a car accident, there might be pain in the back and other areas of the body that wasn’t there right after the incident. Keep in mind that the impact on your body during the accident can cause strain on the spine, which can affect the way that you walk, sit, or stand. If you notice any kind of pain or difficulties in how you move after an accident, then you might want to consider visiting a chiropractor for treatment. Read more

A pinched nerve is a type of injury where a nerve or set of nerves are compressed, with the pressure coming from adjacent structures such as a bone (bone spur) or disc (bulging or herniated disc). The compression of the nerve can cause a number of symptoms that include pain, numbness, and burning. A pinched nerve issue can go away in time with rest, but when the symptoms won’t disappear, a Tigard chiropractor can help. Read more

Regular physical activity is great for burning unwanted calories, keeping fit, and feeling fresh all-day. However, it won’t yield the desired results if you don’t do it right, starting with your warm-ups. Without the proper warm-up, you may suffer a variety of health problems including chronic back pain, and possibly even a serious back injury. Read more

After a car accident, you are at your worst. Injuries may not be felt right away, but they will show a few hours or days after the accident. Thankfully, the body has the power to rejuvenate itself with some help from a chiropractor in Tigard, OR performing gentle manipulations of the spine. Chiropractic care is a drug-free way to rid your body of unnecessary pain or to help you manage chronic pain. When the body is out of alignment, it can cause many symptoms like headaches, neck and back pain, digestive issues, and much more. By simply putting the body back into proper alignment, many of the symptoms that you are experiencing will be resolved naturally. Read more

The 24 independent vertebrae of the spinal column make it possible to move throughout your day. When your spine or any of its supporting joints, discs, and muscles aren’t functioning properly for one reason or another, you may experience some degree of discomfort. While pain relief is a common reason to visit a Tigard chiropractic clinic, it’s not the only potential health benefit associated with chiropractic care. Read more

Feeling some aches and pains, prompted by your rigorous, daily physical activities, is quite normal. It becomes concerning, however, when the pain eventually escalates and does not seem to be going away anytime soon, even after a good, long rest. This could be a sign that what you’re experiencing is actually chronic.

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A vehicular accident can cause a wide range of injuries, almost all of which inflict severe pain. From cuts and bruises to whiplash and sprained muscles, or even broken bones and joints, all of these can easily render the victim unable to perform otherwise routine tasks.

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A trip, slip, or fall can be extremely painful, particularly if it leads to physical injuries. Some of the most common and agonizing problems that may occur due to these accidents are soft tissue, neck, and back injuries. The direction of the fall, as well as age, may impact the kind and the extent of slip-and-fall injury incurred. Learn more about these conditions and how a chiropractor can provide complementary care for improved rehabilitation outcomes. Read more

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