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How a Car Accident Chiropractor Can Help Treat Neck and Back Injuries

Published Date: 
March 28, 2017
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Car accidents, including low-velocity collisions, can result in different kinds of injuries all over the body. Head-on and rear crashes, for instance, may hurt your head and injure the brain. Apart from head injuries, neck and back pain are two of the most common types of non-fatal auto crash injuries. Drivers and passengers on the side that's been hit are particularly prone to neck injuries due to the impact of frontal or side collisions on neck muscles and ligaments.

While accident-caused pain may subside after a few days of rest, other kinds of injuries require immediate and sometimes continued treatments. After a medical check up, you may need anti-inflammatory drugs and chiropractic care. Learn more about neck and back injuries from vehicular collisions and how a car accident chiropractor can treat them.

Neck Injuries

Many automobile crash patients suffer from neck injuries and shoulder pain. Whiplash is a common type of neck injury and tends to have delayed symptoms, such as neck pain and headache, which patients usually feel 24 hours or more after the crash. Furthermore, rear-end collisions at speeds lower than 14 miles per hour frequently cause whiplash injuries; thus, being involved in a low-velocity accident doesn't guarantee you won’t be injured.

Chiropractic treatment for neck injuries may include manual manipulations of the bones in the affected area. The therapy can correct misaligned vertebrae and improve range of motion. In addition, manipulations have been known to diminish inflammation and pain depending on the patient’s extent of injuries and lifestyle, among other factors.

Back Injuries

Apart from neck injuries, car accidents can result in back injuries as sudden force from collisions may lead to herniated or bulging discs.

A herniated disc happens when the inner soft material of the disc is pushed out into a nerve, while a bulging disc has its internal part protruding but still remaining inside it. While minor back injuries may heal in a few days to a week, other types may need pain medication, physical therapy, and chiropractic care.

How a Chiropractor can Help

A chiropractor can offer different treatment options to back injuries. Spinal manipulation is one of the most common treatments and has exhibited effectiveness in treating low back pain. Apart from manipulations, chiropractic treatments may include spinal mobilizations, which are gentler movements on the affected joints.

Chiropractors can perform diverse mobilization techniques such as the activator method, a manual, low-force impulse tool and the Cox Flexion-distraction procedure, a gentle adjustment for the vertebrae. These methods are only some of the many possible treatments that a chiropractor can recommend depending on your injuries and preference.

Automobile crashes can present delayed but painful bodily reactions. It’s best to consult a car accident chiropractor as early as possible to determine the causes of your neck and back injuries and to learn more about relevant chiropractic care options.


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