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Let’s face it, your workplace can become dangerous. Even if your office maintains safety procedures and protocols, injuries are sometimes unavoidable. When they do occur, the best way to deal with them is to find treatment right away to keep them from becoming yet more serious.

The following list is just a starting point for the types of common workplace injuries that may require immediate treatment.

Slipping and Tripping

Slipping incidents in the office are typically caused by wet floors that may not have been cleaned properly. Meanwhile, tripping on something is a likely mishap around the office should you not be paying attention to your surroundings. Trips can also result from poor lighting, trailing cables along the floor, rumpled floormats, and uneven floor spaces or oddly spaced steps.

In either case, you can end up suffering from serious injuries just because you have slipped or fallen, whether shoulder injuries, knee injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, fractures, or even spinal injuries.

Walking Into Injuries

When you are really busy at work and quite distracted, you increase your chances of injury. Think of how many times we have all nearly walked through a glass door or oversized window. Now, think of being so preoccupied you do walk through one. Such a collision can even occur with items more visible than glass, such as a table, cabinet, or door. In these cases, there is a chance that you can suffer from a head, neck, knee or foot injury. The seriousness of the injury typically depends on the power of the impact.

Overexertion Injuries

If your job involves constant lifting, pulling, holding, pushing or carrying stuff around, there is a good chance you will end up suffering from an overexertion injury. This includes injuries to the lower back, knees, wrist, shoulder, and more.

Poor physical condition, including obesity, can also contribute to overexertion injuries. An inflexible body can also contribute to this type of injury.

Should any of these accidents happen to you, don’t just brush it off as a minor injury and keep on working. Many injuries are actually much worse than they appear at first glance. Take care of yourself by seeking a consultation with a chiropractor in Tigard, OR as soon as possible.



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