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Summer is here! And with it, more opportunities for travel, holidays, and outdoor activities. Unfortunately, this can also spell more car accidents on the road. Vancouver, WA car accident chiropractors see a lot of car accident victims and patients, that’s why they want you to keep safe to avoid unwanted health problems now that the warm season is here. So buckle up every car occupant, and drive defensively.

The thing about car accidents though, is that they can still happen to you no matter how prepared you are. If a car accident does ‘hit’, your chiropractor wants you to know what to expect.

Car accident symptoms

A car accident can cause a variety of symptoms including headaches, dizziness, neck pain, body pain, etc. Some symptoms will be immediately felt, while others may develop with time. In case of pain or stiffness in your neck, spine and lower back, visit a chiropractor immediately. Chiropractic techniques can help relieve issues in these areas.

Chiropractic manipulation for car accident pain and soreness

When you visit a chiropractor after experiencing pain and soreness from a car accident, he will diagnose you by assessing your symptoms, testing your range of motion, and observing your movements. Chiropractors will then use spinal manipulation to target the sources of pain based on his diagnosis.

When you experience headaches or vision problems post-accident, one possible cause is misaligned vertebrae in your upper spine. Chiropractors will push the misaligned vertebrae back into proper position by hand or by special chiropractic equipment. Likewise, pain in the neck, shoulder, or arms can be caused by misaligned vertebrae in the neck area. Pain in the lower back or hips can be the result of one of the lower vertebrae getting pushed out of position. In all these cases, spinal adjustment can be used to treat the symptoms.

Follow-up chiropractic work

Once your pain and soreness have diminished with spinal manipulation, your chiropractor will share with you a few physical therapy exercises to strengthen your spine and core muscles. Aside from potentially eliminating your car accident symptoms altogether, these exercises can help you regain proper posture and keep your spine in alignment. He may also schedule a follow-up chiropractic sessions to ensure your long-term wellbeing.

Chiropractic care in Vancouver, WA

If ever you find yourself figuring in a car accident and experiencing chiropractic symptoms, schedule a consult with a Vancouver, WA car accident chiropractor such as Accident Care Chiropractic of Vancouver immediately.

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