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A pinched nerve is a type of injury where a nerve or set of nerves are compressed, with the pressure coming from adjacent structures such as a bone (bone spur) or disc (bulging or herniated disc). The compression of the nerve can cause a number of symptoms that include pain, numbness, and burning. A pinched nerve issue can go away in time with rest, but when the symptoms won’t disappear, a Tigard chiropractor can help.

Pinched nerve in the neck: symptoms and causes

The neck is one of the most common places that a pinched nerve can occur. Symptoms of a pinched nerve in the neck include headaches, numbness in the extremities, and pain in various areas such as the neck, spine, lower back, arms, and legs. A pinched nerve patient may also encounter limited range of motion and difficulty maintaining a sitting or standing position for prolonged periods. There are four basic causes of a pinched nerve condition in the neck, namely:


A misaligned spinal bone can apply irritating pressure on a nerve in the neck. Since nerves in the neck controls and coordinates different parts of the body, misalignments in the neck can cause pain or different types of muscle spasms.

Disc generation

The spinal disc acts as a cushion between spinal vertebrae. When the disc generates, it becomes thinner and makes the space for the nerves smaller, which can permit vertebrae to touch it. As the disc degenerates further, the bone will start applying pressure on the nerve, thereby ‘pinching’ it.

Disc protrusions or herniation

When a spinal disc protrudes or juts out, it can irritate the nerve. Normal movements can cause the herniated disc to rub against the nerve, leading to pain and irritation. The more the disc protrudes, the greater the pressure on the nerve.


Osteoarthritis can lead to bone spurs which invade the space of the nerve and put pressure on it.

Pinched nerve help from a chiropractor

Pinched nerves can result from one or any combination of these causes. In rare cases, a patient can suffer from all of these conditions simultaneously. A pinched nerve problem that doesn’t go away with rest can only get worse. A good Tigard chiropractor such as the ones you’ll find at Accident Care Chiropractic can help you confirm if your conditions are caused by a pinched nerve. Once diagnosis is confirmed, your chiropractor put you on a treatment plan to correct the problem.


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