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There’s an array of injuries a car accident can cause, including concussions, fractures, and lacerations. Your neck is one of the most vulnerable parts in such accidents. Because seatbelts hold your body still but your head and neck can move freely, the rapid changes in the car’s speed during a collision can seriously hurt it. It usually hits the soft tissues, intervertebral discs, and joint capsules. While it’s most likely for someone involved in a car accident to experience pain immediately, some injuries take time to manifest and the symptoms get worse over time.

It’s important for the injuries in your musculoskeletal system to be treated right away. Otherwise, the pain may affect your movements and prevent you from doing your daily activities. This is where chiropractic treatment comes in. A complementary and alternative mode of medicine, this type of treatment involves realigning the spine to allow your body to heal. There are signs that it’s time to seek this treatment.


Whiplash is among the most common injuries caused by auto accidents. The thing though is that many patients think that whiplash only results in severe neck pain. The truth is that it can also cause stiffness in the upper body, including the upper back, shoulders, and arms. When left untreated, it can give you pain and discomfort. Worse, it can lead to permanent damage.

Pain or Numbness

The impact from a vehicular collision can jar your joints out of place. This then compresses the nerves running through the affected joint. Such compression can cause pain or numbness. You need a chiropractor to put back the joints into their proper alignment to ease the discomfort.

Difficulty in Moving

A car accident can damage your skeletal system by displacing your discs and joints. When this happens, you may develop mobility issues. You won’t be able to walk, sit, or bend for extended periods without feeling pain or discomfort. This can significantly lower the quality of your life since you won’t be capable of doing your job or most physical activities without pain. Your skeletal system must be realigned immediately, and a chiropractor can do just that.

Any auto accident should be taken seriously. Even if you don’t feel any pain after the accident, you should still seek immediate medical treatment. That way, whatever injuries you may have can be addressed, allowing you to get back to your top shape sooner than later.


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