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For more than a century, chiropractors have been providing relief for patients, primarily through manual manipulations. While chiropractic care has advanced greatly over the years, it’s still important to be a well-informed patient. If you’ve scheduled your first visit to a chiropractor in Gresham, here are some questions you may want to ask.

How do you go about diagnosing spine pain?

You’ll likely feel better about your session if you know ahead of time what the diagnostic process will be like. It often includes image tests and a thorough assessment of your symptoms and experiences with previous treatments.

What are the typical techniques you use?

Some chiropractors use more forceful techniques and others opt for gentle manipulations. Discuss your personal preferences so sessions will be comfortable for you.

How long will a session last?

You should be able to get an idea of how much time you’ll need to put aside for each session with a chiropractor in Gresham. The length of time for each session, however, will be based on how well you are responding to treatments.

What other services do you provide beyond spinal manipulations?

Many chiropractors today provide a wide range of treatments beyond spinal manipulations. Your session might include various physical therapy techniques and exercises after your source of pain has been determined. You may also receive nutritional advice and tips for how to safely go about your daily routine without too much pain.

What can I do between sessions to get better results from my treatments?

Take an active role in your treatments beyond what you will do in each session. Doing so may improve flexibility and mobility and make it easier for you to participate in sessions. You may also be able to safely perform certain exercises on your own to further strengthen spine-supporting muscles.

What expectations do you have based on the type of spine pain I have?

Make sure you and your chiropractor are on the same page when it comes to the expected results. For instance, patients with chronic pain may reach a point where discomfort becomes manageable but doesn’t completely go away. Clearly discuss your goals so sessions will be better tailored to your expectations.

Finally, any reputable chiropractor will be able to adjust your treatment plan as you progress from session to session. And as a patient, you’ll get more out of your chiropractic experience by actively communicating with your chiropractor and reporting any noticeable changes in your symptoms.

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