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So, you like to stay fit during your work week. Great! However, there are times when repetitive tasks on the job, coupled with your gym workouts, can lead to injuries, which can painfully sidetrack your active lifestyle.

When working out after you leave the office, watch out for any of a host of signs that may mean a halt to your routine and a visit to a chiropractor to treat and ease the pain. Do not ignore the problem or try to work through it.

Wrist Dislocation Or Sprain

 A wrist dislocation or sprain may occur if you fall or even overuse your wrists at the computer or when lifting things at work. Coupled with a workout after leaving your job, your wrist ligaments may even become overstretched and contorted, leading to a sprain.

Wrist sprains vary in severity. A mild sprain is when the ligaments have become overstretched but not torn. A moderate wrist sprain is when the ligaments become partially torn and you end up losing some functionality of your wrist. Finally, a severe case of wrist sprain is when a ligament ends up completely torn and your wrist is essentially rendered useless.

Signs of a wrist sprain include swelling or bruising in the affected area. You may also experience a popping sensation when you move your wrist. Also, your skin can end up feeling warm to the touch.

Shoulder Injury

It is possible to suffer from an overuse-of-shoulder injury during your regular sessions at the gym. Indeed, there is a stronger likelihood of suffering from such an injury in the gym if you are already dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome at work.

Even using a keyboard applies a slight but steady pressure on your shoulders in their support of all the other fine muscle activity stretching to your fingers. Then, when you get to the gym, exercises like the shoulder press, push-ups or chest press can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, so to speak.

Neck Injury

Deciding to jam on some bench presses after sitting in the office for hours with your neck arched while typing can very likely lead to neck injury. You are especially prone to this malady if you practice poor posture at your desk.

Working out is a healthy routine. But, when you start to feel something awry in your muscles or joints, halt your routine and seek attention from a chiropractor before you end up with an injury that may keep you from both the gym and your work.


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