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When DD Palmer established modern chiropractic care in 1897, he was unaware of exactly how the act of tending to the human skeletal system could affect all other bodily systems. Although many understand the functional and structural benefits of regular chiropractic visits, few understand the connection between skeletal alignment and immune system functionality. The health and alignment of our bone, however, directly influences the health of our immune system.

Opening the Neural Pathways to Health

The human immune system works intimately with the central nervous system. Together, these systems communicate through complex neural pathways to expedite healing based on specific bodily areas. If this communication is disrupted by a pinch in the nervous system, however, immune response is delayed or potentially cut-off.

Subluxation refers to when your spinal column is misaligned and nerve pathways are compressed or irritated. The diminished neural communication causes direct impact on bodily organs and the immune system. When a physical nerve pathway is hindered due to spinal pressure, the body responds by signaling an increase of inflammatory-causing agents throughout the body.

These molecules, known as cytokines, operate as signaling cells between the immune system and other bodily systems. The release of pro-inflammatory cytokines may result in localized or widespread inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Evidence also suggests that when our immune system is overloaded with the signaling of compressed or irritated nerve pathways, it’s unable to focus on other potentially harmful elements, such as viruses and bacteria. This yields a body primed for illness as its own immune system is preoccupied by the various effects of subluxation.

Physical Stress and Bodily Health – The Alignment of Physical and Chemical

When the human body undergoes physical stress, such as a misaligned skeletal system, it responds through the sympathetic nervous system. This unique branch of our neural forest directly controls the release of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. As studies have confirmed, an excess of stress hormones can directly lead to a decrease in immune system potency. Ultimately, this constant state of physical stress caused by misalignment results in greater susceptibility to disease and illness.

Although the true influence of chiropractic care on immune system functionality is still under investigation, initial studies are promising. The most groundbreaking study found those who underwent five years of chiropractic care experienced a 200% increase in immune system response and functionality.

Regardless of your currently bodily state or pain levels, visiting a chiropractor may help keep your body, mind, and immune system perfectly aligned.


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