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Chronic low back pain is a symptom of two extreme lifestyles—one that lacks activity, and one that has too much of it. If your back pain is bothering you, exercise can be the best medicine, but not just any exercise will do. Here are five highly approved physical activities courtesy of your favorite chiropractor in Vancouver, WA. Be sure to consult your chiropractor first before undertaking any of these to ensure they suit your level of fitness.


Aquafitness exercises the entire body in movement, and is a great low impact activity ideal for those experiencing back pain. The resistance that the water provides to the exercise strengthens muscles while minimizing the impact to your joints. Aside from being beneficial to back muscles, aquafitness can also be a good workout to the muscles in the abdomen, legs, and glutes.


Both static and dynamic stretching can help improve muscle flexibility, and with flexible back muscles, the risk and symptoms of back pain can be reduced. However, if you’re back pain is too far advanced, it’s best that you avoid toe touches altogether, because they can overstretch back muscles and worsen the pain.

Tai Chi

This Chinese-born martial art-slash-exercise is known to offer plenty of health benefits, particularly to those with chronic illnesses such as a painful back. Tai Chi involves deep breathing and meditation combined with slow, purposeful movements that enhance balance and mobility.

Wall sits

A wall sit exercise involves leaning against the wall and sliding down until you reach a sitting position with knees bent. The purpose of this exercise is to take the pressure of your back and transfer it to the hips and legs where it belongs. Once you’re in wall sitting position, keep the position for up to one to two minutes. A wall sit is also a good exercise for posture.


Yoga combines stretching with poses that enhance balance, strength, and breathing. The poses release tight muscles and strengthen weak ones. They can also be a great stress reliever. Compared to high impact exercises that tend to overstress the body, yoga is known to be safe even for injured individuals.

Numerous researches have been done on these exercises showing how they can be effective in providing long-term relief from chronic low back pain. If you want to learn of other methods to ease the discomfort you feel in your back, visit a chiropractor in Vancouver, WA such as Accident Care Chiropractic of Vancouver.

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