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Trusted Car Accident Injury Chiropractor in Tigard, OR. Come see why so many patients have trusted their recovery to our Tigard location!

  • Whiplash
  • Concussions
  • Traumatic head injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Leg pain
  • And much more

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One of the Best Chiropractor Care in Tigard, OR

Car accidents are a primary reason why people seek help from a chiropractor.
Our chiropractic team provides patients with a comprehensive treatment of many types of injuries a person can experience in a car accident, including back pain and whiplash.

Accident Care Chiropractic
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Sophie Yvonne
Sophie Yvonne
19:30 23 May 22
The entire team is EXCEPTIONAL at Accident Care! I have been in ongoing treatment here for a few months now and I am... really impressed. When you go to AC, your needs and concerns really matter and are the focus! I am really so grateful to have been referred here after my MVA and 10/10 recommend! My progress so far would not have been possible without the care team here! This office is very clean and organized and the staff are very knowledgeable in their own departments, working fluidly together and going above and beyond to help in any way they can to make your entire process as smooth as possible. I cannot say enough about this staff & facility!read more
Kendal Raptor
Kendal Raptor
17:05 06 May 22
I've had nothing but a great experience here. I got into my first Major accident totalling my car mid January this... year. I received treatment from most of the staff and I don't have any complaints about any of them. I am nearing the end of my treatment now and feel much better! One of my biggest reasons why I would recommend them is each massage therapist has a different way of treatment which I found particularly helpful. They are also supper understand and helpful in giving me resources for outside the clinic. I would highly recommend this place especially if it's your first time in a major accident.read more
Kaohu Gemeno
Kaohu Gemeno
01:00 02 Mar 22
I’ve had a really good experience here I had pain in my shoulder my neck and back and going here improved my overall... body movements and less pain in the areas I’ve been injured. I enjoy the chiropractic work and the acupuncture that they offer and they are very nice and understanding of peoples lives and always bring a positive attitude with them.read more
Omar Smith
Omar Smith
22:40 18 Feb 22
Wonderful place best front desk gals Carolina an Nancy they go above an beyond for accident care an there machines are... awesome an DR.Q is amazing if your ever hurting from your accident be sure to come here!!😊read more
Nancy Funez
Nancy Funez
19:15 18 Feb 22
Carolina and Nancy at the front desk are amazing and always make sure we are getting taken care of! Dr. Darcy did a... great job adjusting my back, I felt brand new right after!read more
Jesslyn Larissa
Jesslyn Larissa
18:51 01 Nov 21
They truly do care. They have been working with me since my accident last December, and they are very helpful and... friendly.read more
Gregory Carlon
Gregory Carlon
00:42 29 Oct 21
Very friendly staff, very helping and patient and can answer any question I throw at them. Highly recommend them ! They... helped me get back on my feet and their massages are awesome !read more
judith berenguer
judith berenguer
22:51 26 Oct 21
I highly recommend treating here if you’ve ever been in a car accident. The staff is very welcoming and a majority of... them speak Spanish! Including the doctor! I was able to get massages, acupuncture, adjustments, X-Rays and more ! All in the office. 10/10 recommend!read more
Echo Apple
Echo Apple
04:06 27 Aug 21
The whole team is the absolute best and they only want the best for you. Its like coming home when you walk in.... Everyone makes you feel safe and comfortable and they are very effective in what they do.read more
Analuisa Guardado
Analuisa Guardado
05:11 06 Aug 21
I was very nervous going to a chiropractor for the first time but I was happily greeted with warm smiles and a happy... environment.read more
Andrea Elias
Andrea Elias
04:39 06 Aug 21
For anyone who’s been in a car accident, I highly recommend treating here. All my treatment was done in the same place!... Massage, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments and X-Rays! Not to mention most the staff speaks Spanish(: 10/10 recommendread more
Nicole Berg
Nicole Berg
02:06 08 Jul 21
I am incredibly thankful for my time at Accident care chiropractic and Massage of Tigard. The staff is great at making... your road to recovery as easy as possible. They offer massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy, and physical therapy. They truly care about their patients and getting them back to being pain free. I would give them 10 stars if I could!read more
Melissa Saban
Melissa Saban
18:34 29 Jun 21
I was in a car accident and a friend told me about this place. I never knew there was a place for accident victims to... get amazing care! They truly listen and care about their patients. I have been seeing them for a couple months and have been steadily improving! They are kind and professional. Also they bill the auto insurance companies for you and take all the stress out of it. You never receive a bill! They provide massage, Physical therapy and chiropractic in one facility!read more
Kendra Uhl
Kendra Uhl
23:55 23 Feb 21
Extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff. They not only got me feeling better after a bad accident, but helped me with... a lot of the process of finding specialists, and even lawyers. I had wonderful, personalized treatment. I felt welcome, and comfortable the entire time. They really go the extra mile to help their clients!read more
Paige Jorgensen-Behurst
Paige Jorgensen-Behurst
19:37 18 Feb 21
My mother suggested I go to this location and I’m so glad I did! I’ve had the best experience. They have taken my pain... seriously. I was in an accident a few months ago, and Ive been able to get a message almost every visit, and been able to try acupuncture, which that has really helped reduce my pain. They offer plenty more treatments that help right away and that will help in the long run, but the staff is their biggest selling point. Everyone one of them is knowledgeable at what they do, and very kind. You can tell they really care, and that makes a huge difference. I say 10/10 would recommend:)read more
Jasmine Serrano
Jasmine Serrano
23:02 20 Nov 20
They have great customer services , and the staff is super friendly and caring ❤️
Jacqueline Dobson
Jacqueline Dobson
07:59 19 Nov 20
I first met TJ at his office in Tigard three years ago when I went in for an emergency adjustment. I have a connective... tissue disorder that causes structural misalignment, leaves me in severe daily pain and a bit anxious about who I let work on me. Within minutes he had me completely relaxed, my muscles released and my neck and jaw more aligned than I could remember them being since I was a child. He has a remarkable way of connecting with people emotionally and truly understanding their specific needs physically. The ONE adjustment he gave me kept me going for months, which is unheard of for people in my condition. I have since moved back up to Washington and have spent years looking for the same treatment and relief without success. I decided this time after going through a long list of highly recommended Drs that have been unable to help me and severe week of unbearable pain, I would look him up and literally drive 6 hours to see him. I am so thankful that I did. Not only did he know exactly what I needed, but he was so welcoming and eager to help me. It was as if I had been seeing him regularly for years. I left feeling brand new and crying tears of joy, again. If you've been in an accident and struggle with chronic pain, I know it feels hopeless most days, I can relate. I seriously suggest going to see this man or one of his understudies. I promise they can help you.read more
Jose damien Cazares
Jose damien Cazares
02:31 09 Sep 20
I got into an auto accident not too long ago, was very worried about the condition I was in due to the injury. My... friend told me about Accident Care and helped me get care at this location. Dr Chris and the rest of the staff were very helpful! I loved the therapy and was excited for the weekly therapy because it truly was helping me. Thank you !read more
Catherine Hughes
Catherine Hughes
18:09 05 Aug 20
I am so grateful to have found Accident Care Chiropractic! I was referred to them by a friend and had a great... experience. After just one appointment I had a better understanding of what was going on with my back and how to care for it. I had a great treatment that provided some immediate pain relief. I really appreciated the thoughtful and informative care, as well as them fitting me in on such short notice. I highly recommend!read more
Adam VDC
Adam VDC
18:41 13 May 20
Accident Care definitely has been the most positive experience Ive had with a chiropractor/massage therapy. They are... very thorough, and friendly. The hours of operation seems to be more realistic and attainable for people that work 9-5. They are open till 7! I mostly appreciate how friendly they are. They talk to you like a friend and advocate. I would highly recommend for my family and friends if the need arose. Side note...They are bilingual! 🙌🏼👌🏻read more
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No Out of Pocket Expenses

Insurance covers your treatment and rehabilitation.
We will help you with your claims process and get you back to feeling great.

PIP Insurance

Personal injury protection insurance, or PIP insurance, covers both the lost wages and medical bills of a person injured in a car accident. Our office staff is experienced in working with PIP insurance plans and can help our patients through the process of getting their treatment covered. Call us today for more information on how we can help you recover using PIP insurance.

No-Fault Insurance in Tigard, OR

No-fault insurance is another name used for PIP insurance. With these types of plans, even passengers in the car may be covered by a person’s no-fault insurance plan. This coverage applies regardless of who is at fault in a car accident. No-fault insurance is mandatory in the state of Oregon, so our office staff is familiar with these plans and how to work with them.


Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash can happen to anyone, no matter the direction of the impact during an accident. Symptoms of whiplash appear anywhere between a few hours to several weeks after an accident. Some of the symptoms of whiplash include neck stiffness or pain, decreased range of motion, blurred vision, shoulder pain, headaches, back pain, and dizziness

  • Improved range of motion. One of the most common complaints after an injury or accident is a decreased range of motion. A chiropractor can realign the spine and make adjustments that restore that range.
  • Pain reduction. Chiropractors can alleviate pressure on muscles and nerves causing pain by realigning the spine.
    Non-invasive treatment. Our patients can enjoy treatment plans that do not include medications or invasive surgeries with long recovery times.

What We Do

Many people assume they are fine after a traumatic event such as a car accident, especially if they feel no pain immediately after. However, it is still important for them to see a chiropractor to be sure they won’t experience pain from an unseen injury.

Our Doctors will document the severity of the injuries, so patients who need the records for insurance claims after a car accident will have all of the documentation they need. The range of treatments we offer is explained in further detail below.

Tigard Chiropractor Treatment Benefits

Whiplash Back Pain

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries reported after car accidents and can result in pain and loss of range of motion. When a person’s head is quickly jerked in one direction and then the opposite direction, it unnaturally stretches out the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, leaving them with a potentially debilitating injury. Our team of chiropractors is experienced in treating a variety of whiplash injuries and can create a personalized treatment plan that addresses every patient’s needs.

Massage Therapy

Our team of trained massage therapists understands that no two patients are exactly alike. They will work closely with each patient to customize a care plan that fits their needs. Our massage therapists consider things like a person’s physiological needs, injuries, and personal preferences when creating their care plan, so patients can be sure they are receiving optimal treatment and getting the most pain relief possible.


To ensure all of our patient’s needs are being addressed, our office offers X-ray services that assist our team of chiropractors in accurately diagnosing injuries. Our X-ray services are provided by experienced and licensed experts, so patients can rest easy that they are in capable hands. Our X-ray services are covered by most insurance plans.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an excellent way to shorten recovery time from an injury. Our chiropractors offer both in-person and at-home physical therapy services that ensure injuries heal quickly and correctly.


Acupuncture is a pain management technique that has been used for thousands of years. Dating as far back as 6000 BCE, this practice is non-invasive and offers a range of benefits. Call us now for more information on how this can help you.


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Things To Do in Tigard, OR

Tigard, OR, with a moderate population of about 58,000 people, is nestled comfortably between great cities like Lake Oswego, Beaverton, and Tualatin. A suburb of Portland, OR, Tigard, OR is easily one of the best places to live in the entire state. With only a short distance between Tigard and the Cascade Mountains or breathtaking Oregon coast, natural beauty surrounds this city.

Tigard has a dynamic community with safe neighborhoods and reliable schools. With the city of Portland being so close, you can enjoy the excitement the city offers without enduring the fast-paced hustle and bustle that comes with it.

Tigard, OR is home to a variety of fun things to do. From family entertainment to nightlife options, Tigard offers the best of Portland without the city bustle. For people who like to feel a rush of adrenaline, iFLY offers indoor skydiving. iFLY has excellent instructors that help you learn how to skydive without the danger of actually jumping from a plane.

Another excellent option for fun in Tigard is checking out the lively restaurant scene. You can find delicious comfort food at highly-rated restaurants like Elmer’s Restaurant. If you have a sweet tooth, then visiting Banning’s Restaurant and Pie House is an absolute must.

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