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We treat the most common car accident injuries, including:

  • Whiplash
  • Concussions
  • Herniated Disks
  • Sciatica
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Numbness / Tingling Sensations
  • And much more

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You Local Chiropractor in SE Portland, OR for Car Accident Injury

After a car accident, it’s vital to schedule an appointment for chiropractic care as soon as possible.
If you are in pain from the accident, chiropractic care can provide the relief needed to feel better.

Accident Care Chiropractic
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Mary Del Savio
Mary Del Savio
20:25 15 Apr 22
I’ve had a great experience at Accident Care and would highly recommend them to anyone who has been in an accident! All... of the doctors and staff are extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly. They make it easy to relax on focus on the healing more
Jaclynn Fox
Jaclynn Fox
00:13 22 Mar 22
I highly recommend this Accident Care location.. Dr. Jon and Dr. Matthew and staff will take excellent care of you and... make you feel right at home.. I and my son were treated here for about 4 months.. I'm actually a little sad to be finished with my more
David Flores
David Flores
07:28 22 Feb 22
What started off as a great experience but didn't really meet my expectations otherwise was some what mediocre, this... facility really thought that they had done everything to make me feel better and a lot of things were overlooked and shrugged off as weak muscles but most importantly in the end I was never advised about the other parties insurance benefits has reached its limit nor did they offer to continue my care after they had set me up to see a neurologist even though I still feel my pain but not as much after my ablation. In the end I wish we could've done better, that is all thank more
Ryan (Wonder)
Ryan (Wonder)
05:16 04 Jan 22
Kind, friendly, outgoing, orderly, professional, and knowledgeable doctors with the ability to slowly adjust one's body... with the sole purpose of healing said body. These adjustments have allowed me to enter myself back into the normal parts of life like sitting, standing, walking, and breathing. I am so grateful to the facility and the workout equipment that the clinic has procured. The massage is a holistic experience with pain relieving techniques throughout the session. Also, the X-ray machine is appropriate for the clinic and does the job - as far as X-ray machines go. There is also a computer which allows the doctor to see what they need to see to give a proper diagnosis. If you have a chance to use the clinic as a place where you can repair your body after an accident, do it!read more
Danny Nguyen
Danny Nguyen
23:08 03 Jan 22
I got into my first accident a year ago. I was a little nervous about getting treated at first but after getting... introduced and started with my care, I do not regret it. The team is is very professional and Dr. Matthew, Dr. Jon, and Dr, Mike are some of the best doctors you will ever meet. They take care of you and ensure that your recovery is going smoothly while handling any sort of issues that may arise during the process. The transparency and gentle care given is something I cannot highly recommend more
Nick Blank
Nick Blank
16:11 05 Jul 21
I honestly can not say enough about this amazing place! Jon and Matthew are absolutely fantastic! Everyone is so... professional, helpful, knowledgeable and nice it's mind blowing. I was in a car accident and thats how I started coming here and I couldn't have picked a more humble, caring place. They have helped me so much with everything for after care. They are the true one stop shop for after care, massage, acupuncture, hot stone therapy, movement and stretching, x-rays, I mean the list the goes on. If, unfortunately, I ever get in another car accident this will be the first place I go after I start my claim. If you are considering this place or another I would try coming here first! They really have done an amazing job and I cant stress how absolutely amazing the staff are. They are more than a chiropractor, they really care about you, the patient, and almost become like a friend. They recognize you when you walk in Everyone says hi and asks how you are, it's a really cool experience to have after being in so much pain and knowing someone cares. I would give them more then 5 stars if I could to be honest!read more
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson
04:27 01 Jul 21
I would highly recommend Accident care Chiropractic and massage N.E. Portland. The staff there is absolutely marvelous,... the Dr.s the staff massage therapist , and acupuncture. 5 stars across the boardread more
Blanca Espino
Blanca Espino
05:13 14 Jun 21
Dr. MATT and Dr. JOHN are extraordinary Chiropractors. Definitely Recommend!
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen
01:59 10 Mar 21
I had soccer injury in my left groin. It painful and difficult to walk. I came in today and see Dr. Mathew. He fixed... me up the left groin and right tennis elbow. After the treatment I felt amazing and able to walk better. Love this place especially Dr. Mathew, he is outstanding. Last couple month I came in with hamstring he also took care of it so well so my recovery were speed up a lot quick. Thank you and Highly more
Ouanop Tabor
Ouanop Tabor
20:52 07 Jan 21
They keep me feeling renewed I highly recommend this SE location. The staff is extremely warm, nice, and dedicated.
Kolby Talbert
Kolby Talbert
16:02 25 Jun 20
Dr Matthew has been incredible. Highly recommended, and enjoyable thoughtful and helpful. Couldn't ask for better!... Thank you very much!read more
Glenda Flygare
Glenda Flygare
03:05 29 Feb 20
I found them online and was impressed by the reviews. They have multiple locations. I started seeing them after I was... in a car accident and was experiencing back and hip pain. The doctors are amazing and the staff is super friendly. I am very happy I came to see them and would recommend them to everyone!read more
Jordan Walters
Jordan Walters
18:08 25 Feb 20
Accident Care has the best staff around. They will get you in immediately if needed and their office hours are very... accommodating to my work schedule. Ive gone to them for years for my chiropractic care. While they are clearly expanding, the service and genuine concern remains the same. more
Mz Million
Mz Million
18:42 30 Jan 20
I just wanted to express what great experience I’ve had with them. This group of people has made sure that needs was... taking care of. They made me feel very comfortable I don’t want my therapy to even end. They offer acupuncture the message therapists are awesome!! The drs are on point. Thank you for being there when I needed more
Yee Xiong
Yee Xiong
23:06 23 Sep 19
Thanks to Accident Care Chiropractor for their passionate care. From the doctors, to the massage therapists, and to the... physical therapists, I was well taken care of and headed to a fast recovery. They are always very flexible with their schedule and are willing to working around my busy schedule. Thank you so much for helping me back to my old self after my horrible accident. I would highly recommend this chiropractor with all the staffs. They are an amazing group who are dedicated to making you feel more
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Insurance Covers Your Expenses

You will have no out of pocket expenses.
Our Staff helps you with your claims and the entire recovery process.

PIP Insurance

PIP insurance, or personal injury protection insurance, is designed to cover the medical expenses of anyone involved in an accident. The minimum amount legally required in Oregon covers up to $15,000 per person, though purchasing a policy with much higher limits is possible. With this insurance, no matter who is at fault, the insurance company will cover any injuries after an accident. This means coverage for medical expenses for drivers and passengers, including chiropractic care.

No-Fault Insurance

Oregon does use fault for determining liability in car accidents, but there are some no-fault provisions. Insurance policies are required to have no-fault provisions in them under the PIP insurance to pay for any injuries that come with the use or maintenance of the vehicle. Even if someone is at fault for an accident, they are covered. If the accident was another person’s fault, the driver could sue the at-fault party for compensation.

Chiropractic Care in SE Portland, OR

If you don’t feel any pain right now, be aware that it can take days to weeks to appear.
By going to Accident Care Chiropractic right away, you can start your treatment before the pain shows up and get help documenting any injuries.

Whiplash and Back Pain

When a car accident happens, the vehicle rapidly comes to a complete stop. The quick stop causes the body to move forward or to the side, then back into the seat nearly instantly. Moving like this after an accident isn’t natural for the body, so it can lead to whiplash or back pain. Often, these aren’t felt immediately after an accident but will show up later. By seeking chiropractic care immediately after the accident, it’s possible to start getting help before your neck or back starts to hurt.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can help relax your muscles and relieve pain. It’s not just for relaxing after a stressful week – it can help after a car accident. It’s a good idea to have a massage done after a chiropractic adjustment, and we can schedule that for you. Our massage therapists are highly skilled and will create a personalized plan to help make sure you get as much as possible from each appointment.

Acupuncture in SE Portland, OR

Acupuncture is a type of traditional Chinese medicine known for helping relieve pain. Used for thousands of years in Asian countries, it uses stimulation on specific body parts to eliminate or reduce pain and help the body heal. Typically, the stimulation is done with sharp, thin needles inserted gently into the skin. A quick call to us allows you to learn more about acupuncture and whether this might be the proper treatment for you.


Proper diagnosis of injuries is crucial, especially if you don’t feel any pain yet. X-rays can help determine if you sustained any injuries in the accident and their severity. Our x-rays are done by licensed x-ray technicians and allow us to learn more about you before we do any chiropractic adjustment or other therapies to help you heal.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can include various techniques and skills personalized to you to aid in your recovery. You’ll learn what to do to work on your recovery at home and receive help to make sure you’re progressing. It is used for a wide range of injuries to help speed healing and regain range of motion in impacted joints. A trained physical therapist will work one-on-one with you to create a plan that’s specific to your needs, so you can heal faster and get back to normal as quickly as possible


Things to Do in SE Portland, OR

Flowing with gorgeous scenery and tons to do, Southeast Portland is a fantastic place to live or visit. SE Portland includes everything between the Willamette River, Woodstock, and Mt. Tabor. Driving through, it’s easy to see how the neighborhoods differ, between the inner communities with a hippie vibe to Peacock Lane, known for its Christmas displays. One of the most famous scenic areas throughout Portland is Mt. Tabor, located in the southeast portion of the city. Mt. Tabor is a cinder cone volcano, and the park provides stunning views that can’t be seen anywhere else.

Southeast Portland is home to around 150,000 people, and there are many more that come to visit and see the sights throughout the year. With the traffic, accidents are bound to happen, and when they do, Accident Care Chiropractic is ready to help. If you’ve been in a car accident, contact us fast to schedule a consultation and learn more about what we can do to help you recover.

After receiving proper care, walking can be a great way to get back into shape without jumping right into more strenuous activities. Whether you’re just visiting SE Portland or you’re a resident, there is a lot to do and see in the area. Mt. Tabor offers a nearly two-mile loop trail with gorgeous views and plenty of beautiful wildflowers. It’s designed for people with all skill levels, so it’s perfect for taking a walk.

Ready to do a little bit more? OMSI offers stargazing parties that you won’t want to miss. It also provides plenty to do inside, including dining. Revolution Hall often has various artists performing, so there’s always something to enjoy. The area also has plenty of the top restaurants in Portland, including a selection of cafes and breweries. Though SE Portland is known for its views and the eclectic variety of things to do, it is an area that has its share of car accidents each day. Accidents can happen at any time and to anyone, and when they do, the injuries may not be apparent right away. If you are ever in a car accident, seeking fast treatment is essential, even if you feel okay right after the crash. Accident Care Chiropractic is here to help. Call us today to schedule your first appointment.

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