Rehabilitation exercises: Linking office and home care with prescribed exercises reduces recovery time and costs while strengthening the body to avoid repeated issues. As part of our patients treatment plan, our Chiropractors will teach you simple movements that patients can practice on their own. Simple exercises such as ball or foam rolling, stability and strengthening tactics, and exercises to cultivate proper posture and correction of unnecessary strain.

Therapeutic exercises: After the reduction of your pain or aches, our Chiropractors may design an individual program that will include a series of rehabilitative exercises performed both in the office and at home to strengthen and stretch the affected muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Your doctor’s goal is to provide you with lasting pain relief and to educate you on how to prevent recurrence of the problem. This is achieved through the use of low or high tech equipment. Low tech equipment may be such simple devices as walls, doorways, tubes and gym balls. High tech equipment is computerized and quite complex.