Dr. Darcelle Tetzlaff

Dr. Darcelle Tetzlaff

Where I grew up: Owen-Withee, WI and Colby, WI

First job I ever had: Movie Store

If I wasn’t a chiropractor, I would be: Psychiatrist or I would have studied film

Favorite Junk Food: Chips

In my free time I like to: Watch a movie or binge watch a show, spend time with close friends and my 2 cats, take a walk, play chess, listen to music, talk to family

Favorite Song: Sting: Scorpions-Wind of Change

Why I became a Chiropractor: I tore my left QL muscle while I was throwing discus in college. After 3 months of getting treatment (massage, cold/heat therapy, PT, injections, stretching) from the sports training office on campus…one of the trainers recommended going to see a Chiropractor because my progress was slow. I said, “What the heck is a Chiropractor going to do?” I was pre-med and thought I knew it all, hahaha. Anyways, I went to my first Chiropractic appointment, and my life was changed. The Chiropractor taught me things about the body that no one had taught me before; she literally fixed me up. The Doctor also had such a great demeanor: caring, personable, a sense of wanting to see her patients do well. I wanted to be like her, so I changed up my career path. I have had some other major experiences with Chiropractic that solidified my knowing that Chiropractic was what I wanted to do, but I will never forget how my first Chiropractor showed me what Chiropractic meant.

Why I love what I do: I have had so many patients tell me that I have helped them. Even recently, a patient came into the office and told me that I was helping him be there for his children. He said, “You help keep my pain levels down, I have more range of motion. I have more energy to play with my kids, and be there for them when they need me.” That right there made me feel that I was at the right place at the right time and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but helping patients.

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