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Chiropractic Care for Compression Fracture

Published Date: 
September 20, 2022
A man is struggling to stand upright because of pain from a compression fracture.

Compression fractures are caused by pressure on a bone. Chiropractic care for compression fracture can help speed up the recuperative process after an injury.

How a Chiropractor Can Help With Compression Fracture

Compression fractures most commonly occur in the vertebrae or bones of the spine. The vertebrae are under a lot of pressure, and as we age, they can become less able to support this pressure, leading to a compression fracture, which can be extremely painful. In some cases, the vertebrae collapse, leading to even more pain and disability.

Compression fractures can also occur in other bones, such as the hip or the ribs. However, these fractures are much less common than those of the spine.

What Causes a Compression Fracture?

There are many possible causes of a compression fracture, but the most common cause is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become fragile and can easily break with even a minor fall or injury.

There are several reasons why osteoporosis increases the risk of compression fractures.

First, osteoporosis leads to a loss of bone density, which makes the bones weaker and more susceptible to fracture. Second, osteoporosis can cause the bones to change shape, making them more likely to collapse under pressure. Finally, osteoporosis can reduce the amount of collagen in the bones, which helps keep them strong.

Other causes of compression fractures include:

  • Cancer that has spread to the bones
  • Tumors
  • Other conditions that weaken the bones

Compression Fracture Symptoms

Compression fractures can cause many different symptoms, depending on the severity of the fracture and where it is. The most common symptom is pain, ranging from mild to severe.

Other symptoms may include:

  • Difficulty moving or walking
  • Loss of height over time
  • Stooped posture
  • Kyphosis (rounding of the back)
  • Chronic pain

Vertebral Fractures

A vertebral fracture is a break in the bone that supports your spine. The most common type of vertebral fracture is a compression fracture, which occurs when too much weight crushes the bone. This can happen due to a fall, a car accident, or even from simply lifting something heavy.

Vertebral fractures can be very painful and cause serious problems with your spine. If the fracture is not treated properly, it can lead to further fractures, deformity, and even paralysis.

A woman is struggling to stand up straight because of pain from a compression fracture.

Chiropractic Treatment for Fractures

Chiropractic treatment is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal disorders. Proponents of chiropractic care believe it can be effective in treating a variety of conditions, including fractures.

There is some evidence to support the use of chiropractic treatment for fractures. Chiropractic care helps treat fractures of the wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Some believe chiropractic treatment may help to speed up the healing process and reduce pain levels.

How a Chiropractor Can Treat Fractures

A chiropractor can treat fractures through a variety of methods. The most common is spinal manipulation, which involves moving the bones into their proper positions. This can be done by gently pushing or pulling on the affected limb.

Other techniques include:

  • Massage
  • Stretching
  • Exercises

These methods can help to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

Chiropractic Care for Spinal Compression Fracture

Chiropractic care can be an effective treatment for a spinal compression fracture. This type of fracture occurs when the bones in the spine compress or collapse due to a sudden impact or force. Chiropractic adjustment can help to realign the spine and relieve pressure on the bones, allowing them to heal properly. In addition, chiropractic care can also help to alleviate pain and improve mobility.

Compression Fracture Prevention

There are several things you can do to help prevent compression fractures, including:

  • Wearing supportive shoes with good arch support
  • Exercising regularly to keep your bones strong
  • Eating a healthy diet that includes enough calcium and vitamin D
  • Taking medicines that can help strengthen your bones, such as bisphosphonates

Chiropractic treatments improve overall health, reducing your risk of a variety of health concerns.

Your Chiropractor Can Administer Preventative Care for Compression Fracture

Your chiropractor can help prevent compression fractures. A compression fracture is a type of bone fracture that often occurs in the spine. These fractures happen when the bones in the spine collapse, or compress, due to pressure or force.

A man is leaning on a cane and cannot stand up fully straight because of pain from a compression fracture.


If you've been diagnosed with osteoporosis or are at risk of developing the condition, you may be wondering if working with a chiropractor is right for you. Osteoporosis is a disease that causes bones to become weak and brittle, and compression fractures can occur when the spine is compressed due to weakened vertebrae.

Chiropractic care may help to improve the symptoms associated with compression fractures, and some chiropractors may even specialize in treating osteoporosis. If you're considering working with a chiropractor, it's important to find one who has experience treating patients with osteoporosis.

Dr. Eric Neumann D.C.

Dr. Eric Neumann grew up in Alberta, Canada where he majored in Chemistry at the University of Calgary. During his time at University, he obtained licensure as a Massage Therapist. It was clear that hands-on healing would be his calling. After suffering multiple sport-related injuries he became interested in Chiropractic. Dr. Neumann graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in 2009. He has since specialized in the treatment and management of acute spinal injuries.

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