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One of the most frightening and devastating experiences that you might go through is being in a car accident. Your whole world can flash before you during a serious collision. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional damages from the incident, but you must also deal with the physical injuries–and it can be a very difficult process to go through. No one wants to be in an automobile accident, but you need to know how to proceed in treating your injuries for the best possible outcome.

Common Accident Injuries Chiropractors Can Help Treat

Many people look to their doctors for help during this difficult time. Visiting a chiropractor, however, is one of the best things that you can do. These healthcare professionals can treat almost all common accident-related injuries without the use of medication or surgical intervention. The chiropractors in Beaverton, OR can treat soft tissue and joint pains, whiplash, and back injuries. The most common problem after a car accident is stiffness and muscle pain. Not being able to function normally is a big problem when you must work every day. Discomfort is a serious issue that can be addressed by chiropractic care.

Starting on the Road to Recovery

The first step to your recovery is to make an appointment with a chiropractor. This healthcare professional might request for a series of x-rays to determine the severity of the injuries to the neck and spinal area. The x-rays are an important tool that will show the chiropractor the exact areas to pinpoint in treatment. Common injuries are headaches, whiplash-related injuries, and a general overall discomfort. It is a fallacy that whiplash only occurs during high-speed accidents. There are many people who received this injury even though their cars were barely moving during the accident. Just going 2 to 4 miles per hour during an accident can cause this medical issue.

Signs of whiplash include blurred vision, shoulder pain, range-of-motion issues, headaches, and arm pain. Muscle and ligament issues are often commonly seen. Some people just feel stiff or sore after an accident, but this could be because the serious injuries are forming and not yet fully developed. It can take up to two weeks after an accident for the full scope of the injuries to be known.

Getting Professional Help

After an accident, visiting a chiropractor for an evaluation is a wise decision. Even if you don’t feel like there is an injury, it helps to be evaluated by a professional. That way you can prevent any unnoticed injury to develop over time which might eventually require a more serious and more invasive treatment.

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