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If you are experiencing pain from a Gresham car accident, you need to make sure you seek treatment from a professional. Even if you do not feel symptoms right away, you may have serious injuries that are not causing pain yet.

Not treating an injury could cause serious problems that may not come to the surface for years even. Taking the time to look for any cause of pain that you have in your body will give you peace of mind as it heals over time. Better yet, getting chiropractic help will ease the symptoms almost immediately.


One of the most common injuries people experience when they are in a car accident is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when people’s heads whip back and forth or forward and backward very quickly. This often causes the soft tissues in the neck to extend further than they are intended to. As a result, you will feel dizzy and nauseated. The common chiropractic treatments for whiplash include the flexion-distraction technique, instrument-assisted manipulation, and trigger point therapy, among others.

Nerve Impingement

Sometimes, an auto accident can accidentally pinch one of your nerves, particularly when the soft tissues surrounding the nerve experience a traumatic auto injury, resulting in it getting overstretched, compressed, or constricted. Symptoms of nerve impingement depends on the location of the injury. For example, a pinched nerve in your arm or neck can give you numbness or tingling in your hands, wrist, or even elbows. To treat this, the chiropractor can do a combination of adjustments, physiotherapy, and the flexion-distraction technique, among others.

Herniated Disc

Apart from whiplash and nerve impingement, you can also experience a herniated disc when the force of an impact causes your spinal structure to move out of place. Also known as slipped, bulging, or ruptured disc, this type of injury can cause severe back, leg, and neck pain. Chiropractors can relieve this injury through flexion-distraction, manipulation under anaesthesia, and pelvic blocking techniques, among others.

After a car accident, there is no reason to keep living with chronic pain when there are things that can be done to help ease it. Being treated by a chiropractor will help you get started on the road to recovery.


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