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Millions of people suffer from back pain. Beyond the discomfort associated with it, this kind of pain diminishes quality of life—that’s why many chronic back pain sufferers often find themselves missing out on activities that they enjoy. Some are even unable to accomplish very simple, everyday routines.

Your spine is an important part of your body, so you need to invest in ways to keep it healthy. Here are five easy-to-do tips recommended by your Beaverton chiropractic clinic to keep your spine the healthiest it can be.


When it comes to maintaining your spine, few exercises come close to the benefits attained by walking. That’s because walking strengthens bone structure and enhances flexibility, which can help prevent back pain, even alleviate it if it already exists.

Assume the right sleeping position

Sleep provides the spine with all the rest it needs to rejuvenate from the pressure and stress it has endured all day. The wrong sleeping position puts undue stress on the back and spine area, which prevents it from healing itself. Let your spine rest by supporting it with a mattress and pillows that let you sleep comfortably.

Buy the right shoes

Footwear plays a huge role in the all-day comfort of your spine. Good shoes provide the spine with the firm and steady base it needs to stay in alignment. When buying footwear, make sure that the heel area offers a snug fit—something that’s not overly tight, but not overly loose as well.

Take frequent breaks from sitting

Sitting puts three times more pressure on the spine than standing. For those with an existing back condition, prolonged sitting can only make your pain that much worse. Make it a point to stand up and stretch every 10 to 15 minutes to relieve your back of stress. Likewise, always use a chair that promotes good posture and supports your back’s natural curves.

Exercise your core muscles

Your core muscles are made up of your abdominal and lower back muscles. To support your body optimally, these muscles need to be in tiptop shape. Exercises such as side bends, trunk rotations, and prone extensions can help tone your core muscles and make them more resistant to injury and pain.

There are plenty of other ways that you can keep your spine healthy and pain-free. If you would like to know more about them, you can talk to a licensed chiropractor from a Beaverton chiropractic clinic such as Accident Care Chiropractic & Massage.


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