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If you have been involved in an auto accident recently, you need to pay close attention to what your body is telling you in the aftermath, even if it seems you have emerged from a traumatic incident relatively unscathed. Did you know that your body may still experience symptoms from the accident days or even weeks later?

Here are a number of common symptoms with late manifestations that you may end up experiencing after an auto accident.


If you start experiencing headaches after suffering an auto collision, don’t chalk it up to work-related stress or a migraine. A headache can actually be a sign of a more severe condition—perhaps a concussion or even a blood clot. Worse, it might also be a sign that you are suffering from a brain or severe head injury.

Abdominal Pain

When you suddenly find yourself suffering from pain in your abdominal area after a car accident, it could mean that you are suffering from an internal injury, possibly one that is hemorrhaging.

Internal bleeding is one of the most serious conditions you can incur after experiencing physical trauma from a wreck. It can occur within hours or days from when the accident occurred. Some symptoms of internal bleeding include a deep bruising in the affected area or the appearance of purplish skin. Similarly, you can also end up experiencing some fainting spells or simply become lightheaded.

Back Pain

According to medical experts, it is relatively common to experience pain in your lower back after you’ve been in a car accident. In fact, this kind of pain is experienced by more than half of the people who were in rear-impact collisions. Meanwhile, lower back pain is also experienced by nearly three quarters of victims in side-impact crashes.

Experiencing lower back pain after a car accident can indicate that you have sprained or strained a muscle. It can also mean that you are suffering from a herniated disc, which can leave you feeling uneasy, unless it is treated right away.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, visit a trusted Beaverton chiropractor right away for a consultation and treatment session. It is also important to disclose that you were in a vehicle accident recently so that the proper treatment can be administered for your quickest possible recovery.


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