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At Accident Care, we specialize in automobile accidents and personal injuries, including: sports, work, and daily life. If left untreated, complications can arise leaving you debilitated for life. Despite the odds, our team provides effective rehabilitation for individuals suffering from musculoskeletal injuries among other disabilities.

6 Locations to Serve You

2440 SE 89th Ave Ste 1
Portland, OR 97216
Phone: 503-771-5555


790 E Powell Blvd
Gresham, OR 97030 ‎
Phone: 503-660-8552


4130 SW 117th Ave Suite F
Beaverton, OR 97005
Phone: 503-574-2222


110 NE 10th St
Hillsboro, OR 97124
Phone: 503-547-1999


9975 SW Frewing St #210
Tigard, OR 97223
Phone: 503-444-1953


5904 NE Fourth Plain Blvd
Ste 101
Vancouver, WA 98661
Phone: 360-696-8888


“We Meet By Accident” — Your Path To Recovery

We are a team of veterans in the field of auto accident therapy and chiropractic rehabilitation. We have been providing services in different areas of Oregon for over 10 years, and we assist people in taking the best path to recovery. We provide specialty services after suffering from an accident, such as an auto injury. We have a list of diversified services, which we provide to our clients in Portland, Gresham, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Tigard, & Vancouver.

We specialize in handling auto injury cases, and provide the best chiropractors and therapists in Oregon, to help you get back on your feet and feeling great!

Bespoke Patient Care

The work we do is very hands-on and customized to the specific needs of the patient. We understand that no two cases are the same, and that there will always be specific variables differentiating one patient from another. This is precisely why we first make sure to conduct a thorough examination and diagnostics of the condition of the individual, so that we may design a treatment strategy that would address their physical issues according to their required prioritization.

We make use of various helpful processes, from clinical examination to laboratory testing, diagnostic interventions and precision imaging in order for us to truly understand what is going on with the patient’s body. This is also for us to render an objective determination as to whether or not a chiropractic treatment is required or if another approach would be more suited for their case.

Holistic Approach

Apart from that, we also make sure to supplement the car accident chiropractor and rehabilitation efforts with healthier nutrition, and even include counseling for both lifestyle and dietary habits. We believe in a holistic approach when it comes to dealing with our patients, that where the mind sets its sights on, it is where the body will follow.

We anticipate the hardships that arising from a program as comprehensive and intrusive as this. However, we deem it necessary for the overall betterment of the patient. After all, this rehabilitation process is not simply going to be physical, but also mental and emotional. That’s why we try to give as much support as we can for our patients on all aspects of their life that will inevitably be affected by this big overhaul project.

It is also our duty to manage the expectations of our patients. We know very well how difficult and frustrating it can be to no longer have control over one’s motor skills. In most cases, we find that the challenges faced by our patients are more mental than physical. While this may be the case, though, we still respect the process of the patient, allowing them to regain their trust in themselves so they can fully trust us and the system we have designed for them.

Setting goals is therefore important, but little milestones are just as significant, too. Every little step our patient finally makes after weeks—or even months—of immobility is a cause for great celebration. Here at Accident Care Chiropractic & Massage, no step is too small to be considered a success. We want to see you cross the finish line to your complete rehabilitation as well, but we will not pressure you or force your body into doing tasks that it is clearly not ready for yet. We will be very encouraging of your efforts, while at the same time balancing out the need to make some real progress.

The path to complete rehabilitation is not going to be easy, we can assure you as much this early on. There’s nothing to worry about, though, because we are also here to guarantee that we will be there to hold your hand, helping you with every step of the way, until you are finally ready to let go and be on your own.

Professionalism You Can Trust

Here at Accident Care Chiropractic, you will find staff that has handled thousands of patients who have suffered an injury while either in an automobile, at work or just in general during their daily lives. We take pride in the fact that the members of our team are reputable chiropractic doctors, armed with the knowledge and skills to carry out effective methods for various types of injuries and rehabilitation treatments.

Not only are they dedicated to providing comprehensive and reliable approaches for those who meet unfortunate accidents, but they also put great emphasis on following those treatments through with proper rehabilitation and active care.

We also have specialists for sports injuries, acute spinal injuries, and automobile injury chiropractic, among others. Some of them had accidents or injuries themselves that introduced them to chiropractic. After personally seeing the undeniable benefits of the treatment, they then realized how much good the practice can be for many people out there, thus leading them to the path of practicing chiropractic themselves.

This, perhaps, is what makes our team all the more credible and reliable. Their knowledge of the practice is not only objective and limited based on textbook learnings, but rather is also personal. Their experience of chiropractic treatment therefore helps them in their approach to their patients, each with their own specific pains and relief needs.

Having gone through the experience as well, they have much better empathy for what the patient is going through, and a wider appreciation for what kind of relief the treatment can actually bring. We believe that these, while not necessarily required, are important components to shaping a more pleasant and inspiring recovery journey for the patient.

Accessibility Guaranteed

We want to be able to help as much as we can, that’s why Accident Care Chiropractic & Massage is available in as much as six locations, namely Portland, OR; Gresham, OR; Hillsboro, OR; Beaverton, OR; Tigard, OR, and Vancouver, WA.

Whichever location you choose, you can rest assured that you will still be getting the same kind of quality care nobody else can provide you like we do. We want you to enjoy the convenience of top quality chiropractic care and service because it is exactly what you deserve.

Contact Us

If you had recently figured in an accident, whether in your car or in your place of work ,and would like to get back on your feet and in control of your life once more, don’t hesitate to contact us either by phone or sending us an email. We are also available online, easily accessible through social media, so do feel free to get in touch with us through these channels.

At Accident Care Chiropractic & Massage, our doors are ready and open for you. All you have to do is step right up and you can leave the rest of the work to us. You can check out below the descriptions of the services we have to offer in our offices. Consult with us today to learn more about which treatment suits your condition best.