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Back pain plagues more than just a few people. In fact, as many as 31 million Americans suffer from low-back pain every year. Just because it’s common, however, does not mean it should be suffered and endured without any attempts at relief.

While some people immediately resort to popping pills to ease the pain, there are those who are looking for a much more natural and effective method for relief. One such way is through chiropractic treatment. Understandably, it may seem intimidating for anyone who has never tried it, but those who undergo chiropractic treatments testify to its effectiveness.

If your back pain begins to bother you more than usual, it’s time to consider seeing a chiropractor. Following are some specific symptoms indicating it’s time to see a chiropractor, as well as the most common sources of such symptoms.


Soft tissue pain, causing tension in the neck and back, often results from the whiplash of a car accident. The extreme inertia from a rear-end impact, especially at high speed, disrupts the musculoskeletal order enough to create extraordinary tension in the neck and back. Its pain, ranging from inconvenient to debilitating, often refuses to surface for days or sometimes weeks after incurring the injury.

The longer you wait out a whiplash, the worse it’s bound to get. It does not dissipate on its own. Further, you can’t determine the full extent of its damage on your own. A chiropractor can assess the extent of your neck and back injury en route to determining the proper chiropractic treatment for it.

A chiropractor will first recommend an x-ray to determine the possible cause and extent of your whiplash injury. Most people tend to be surprised when the x-ray yields a lot more damage than what they are feeling or anticipated. An x-ray therefore must precede any corrective measures.

For example, you may experience chronic body discomforts not easily associated to whiplash from a car accident. An x-ray assessment can help determine what exactly is causing pains in various areas of your body. The pain and injury can then be properly addressed to relieve you of the various pains. In addition, the chiropractor may recommend that you adopt a rehabilitative regimen on top of the treatments you receive. Not only will you soon be able to relieve the pain, but also regain and improve your strength.

Chronic Headaches

Headaches can be caused by a variety of issues, such as lack of sleep, eye problems, concussions, contusions, or other chronic conditions. If it is chronic, you may want to try addressing it with chiropractic treatment. Sometimes, the tension created in the neck and shoulder area are connected to your back, which may require a spinal adjustment.

Your headaches may also be caused by pinched nerves, which may again be alleviated by spinal adjustment or manipulation. Once the pinched nerves are released, blood flow and circulation improves, which in turn eases the tension that causes your chronic headaches.

Sudden, Sharp Pains

Sudden, sharp pains also prove worthy of your attention, and perhaps a trip to a chiropractor. Sometimes, these sensations occur without moving a muscle. Understandably, experiencing such pains can cause much concern, especially when you are aware of no injuries that might be causing the pain.

If no reason comes to mind for these recurring pains, you may have pinched some nerves that affected your tendons and ligaments. You can identify the source of the problem by seeking immediate consultation and assessment from a chiropractor.

A chiropractic center, such as Accident Care Chiropractic & Massage of Salem, can help provide the relief your body needs. Gain all the necessary assessments to find out what kind of treatment suits you best.


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