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Car accident victims go through a lot. Having experienced a traumatic event is stressful enough, but living with the unbearable pain from the aftermath makes it all harder to bear. You can have injuries that are troublesome for days, weeks or even years after an accident. Thankfully, a chiropractor can help you through these difficult times. Using your body’s own resources, you can start the healing process naturally.

Chiropractic care is completely different than most methods used in Western Medicine. They use gentle manipulations to put the body back into perfect alignment. Did you know that many of the pains you are experiencing are because your body’s alignment is off from the accident?

Spinal Screenings and X-Rays

Many people have been able to thwart surgery when a chiropractor takes over their care. Did you know that this holistic professional can do spinal screenings and determine your problem areas simply by laying their hands on you? At your first appointment, the car accident doctor will take x-rays of your troubled areas as well as do a spinal screening. They will identify problem areas and formulate a plan of action.

Common Car Accident Injuries

The most common injury among car accident victims is whiplash. More than 300,000 cases are treated each year. You can even have a whiplash injury even if the car was traveling at low speeds. It only takes a speed of over two miles per hour to obtain this type of injury. These damages are often seen in rear collisions, though they can also occur from any impact. Neck injuries from frontal crashes account for about 30 percent of accident damages.

Micro-tears are also common with car accident victims. As the body is whipped back and forth, tears develop in the surrounding ligaments. Most victims don’t notice any pain right away, however, these tears start to swell and the symptoms set in. They can experience blurred vision, headaches, dizziness, shoulder, arm, back and neck pain, as well as a range of motion issues. Unfortunately, soft tissue injuries can take a great deal of time to heal.

Without treatment, these injuries can cause pain for years. When soft tissue damages begin to heal, they cause scar tissue to develop. When the spine is out of alignment, the full range of motion is limited, once scar tissues sets in. This can even lead to spinal degeneration.

Hope Beyond Painkillers

A chiropractor is a beacon of hope for many. Painkillers should never be the first line of treatment. You can have assistance in healing even the most severe injuries without using drugs.

Whether you suffer from severe headaches, back or neck pain, or the inability to walk without discomfort, chiropractic care can help you resolve these issues. Traditional doctors prescribe painkillers or muscle relaxers to help people through these difficult times. Unfortunately, many become addicted. Another consideration is that these medications just mask the pain. They don’t generate healing. Rather, they just make your life bearable during this time, but they do nothing to improve your situation.

A car accident doctor can treat your back and neck pain without pharmaceutical help. They help many car accident victims avoid the prescription drug cycle altogether. From spinal adjustments to electrical muscle stimulation, chiropractors can relieve pain and allow your body to heal quicker.

These natural doctors support long-term healing. They can help to restore vitality to weak muscles as the result of a car accident. Their care involves rehabilitative exercises that will improve your flexibility and strengthen your muscles. When you’ve been in a car accident, trust a chiropractor to get you back on your feet.


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