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Car crashes can seriously ruin the quality of your life no matter how minor you think it is. A lot of collisions can lead to disability, long-term pain, and other symptoms which can show up years down the road.

For instance, whiplash, a very common injury from auto accidents, can take up to six months to treat. Because part of your body is whipped back and forth due to a sudden change in speed, ligaments in the affected area are torn. These tears can then cause a variety of symptoms like blurred vision, neck, shoulder, and arm pain, dizziness, stiffness, and impaired range of motion.

Almost 300,000 whiplash cases occur each year. Some of them last for years because they are left untreated. If you or someone you know have been experiencing pain long after a car accident, then you may want to go to a chiropractor. They focus on aligning the spine to provide pain relief and promote healing. They are able to restore full range of motion before scarring in the injured tissue leads to spinal degeneration.

There are several ways that a chiropractor can help you maintain a good quality of life despite your car accident injuries.

Eases Inflammation

The muscles and ligaments surrounding your spine can get stretched and torn when your body absorbs the impact of a collision. You may not feel the pain from this immediately after the accident. Also, x-rays and MRI scans can’t always detect such injuries. However, you may feel the stiffness and pain in the neck a day after the accident. This is because the damaged tissues become inflamed.

Going to a chiropractor instead of simply taking medicines for pain relief may be the better option. Chiropractic adjustments allow your body to release an anti-inflammatory substance called Interleukin, which is a natural treatment for acute injuries.

Gain Back Motion

Finding it hard to move your arms, shoulders, back, or any other part of your body after a crash? That’s because the tissues may be inflamed, resulting in motion disability. Since ligaments in the spine don’t normally receive many nutrients or blood supply, they have a harder time recovering from injuries which results in impaired movement.

When you seek chiropractic treatment, the blood flow in the area can be increased by mobilizing the joints in your spine. This sends healing nutrients to the parts you aren’t able to move, helping you restore motion.

Reduces Scar Tissue

Scar tissue occurring in neck or back ligaments can result in long-term symptoms. Because people can’t properly stretch those parts of the body, you won’t be able to reduce scar tissue, which acts as a temporary “patch” to the affected area. Scar tissue can be uncomfortable, but it can be remedied through stretching.

Chiropractors can work on specific vertebral joints which are under pressure from the accident. They will stretch them out until the scar tissue in the joint eases.

Relieves Stress

Even minor car accidents put your body under a lot of stress. This is what creates the fight or flight response, which can also be responsible for depression, stress, anxiety, and other mental and emotional issues. Chiropractic adjustments, meanwhile, can ease such feelings, allowing your brain to process pain and stress better, as well as regulate the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol.

Accidents can happen to anyone. Just because you think you can handle the pain and discomfort you feel after a crash doesn’t mean you can ignore it. If you do, your body will have to deal with unnecessary discomfort for a long time when it only takes an appointment with a chiropractor to fix your body’s alignment and let you heal completely.


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