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If you’ve recently been in an accident, you must know how difficult it is to get back to your normal daily routine. You may experience some pain in doing simple physical activities, as well as feel limited when you try to do the things you usually do. This is where a chiropractor can help. A chiropractor offers physical therapy to help you regain your ease of movement prior to your accident.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy conducted by chiropractors involve rehabilitation and therapeutic exercises. Rehabilitation exercises are basic treatments that will also be taught to you, so you can do them at home. Some types of rehab exercise are ball rolling and hamstring stretches.

On the other hand, therapeutic exercises are highly focused on strengthening muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These exercises are overseen by a chiropractor, and may be conducted with the use of basic equipment such as tubes and gym balls. In some cases, computerized treatment may also be performed.

These two types of physical therapy are necessary to rehabilitate you to your normal health and relieve you from the pain and discomfort brought about by your injury. Moreover, they are also crucial to maintaining muscle tone and mass and ensuring proper blood circulation throughout the body.

Getting Chiropractic Care

The best part about seeking chiropractic healthcare is being able to reduce recovery time from your injury. With regular physical therapy sessions, you will see an improvement in your mobility and range of motion, as well as a decrease in pain and discomfort. You will also notice an increase in physical strength and stability which you have lost due to your accident.

Drop by your nearby chiropractic practice and ask about physical therapy. After conducting a thorough diagnosis, your chiropractor will design a personalized treatment plan to address your specific needs.

You may have personal health goals which you may want to discuss with your chiropractor, whether it’s to be able to take a hike or play basketball again. Chiropractors specialize in orthopedics and sports medicine, so you can rest assured that they also focus on your treatment goals.

Improving Your Quality of Life

While some people associate chiropractic care with more serious neuromusculoskeletal disorders, you can also turn to chiropractic healthcare for mechanical pain, such as lower back pain. This type of physical pain is normal with adults, and can easily be treated to enhance your range of motion and relieve your discomfort. Other services you can inquire about are joint adjustment and pain management.


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