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It may seem obvious to seek auto-related chiropractic care after a car accident, but what about when you are feeling fine, having not been in a car accident. Sounds crazy, right? Whether or not you have been in a car accident, a knowledgeable chiropractor can treat or help to prevent future musculoskeletal issues.

Setting Your Spine Up For Success

Typically, a patient waits until after they are in pain to seek medical treatment. Think about it like dental care, if we waited until only after there was pain, we would have far fewer smiles walking around. Seeking preventative chiropractic care is a smart move, especially the specific wisdom of an auto accident chiropractor that can counteract future mishaps.

Preparing Your Back For Battle

The most common conditions chiropractors treat are called subluxations, more simply referred to as misalignments of the spine. These misalignments are often caused by nerves pinching in your back.

A patient may not necessarily feel pain related to these misalignments or may have become accustomed to certain aches and pains. Taking that already injured spine into a car accident will only further exacerbate the issue, causing injuries that could have been far less painful with proper prior maintenance.

Correcting Your Posture

Whether you sit all day for work or find yourself hunching over your phone, it is pretty common to have bad posture. But patients don’t often realize they are setting themselves up for issues down the road, on the road.

Imagine taking an incorrect, forward headed posture into a car accident. It is possible that going into an accident with bad posture could lead to injuries not otherwise sustained if one had a healthy back. Bad posture might be the difference between walking away from a simple fender bender and a car accident that requires years of expensive medical attention.

Knowing Your Body and Back

Chiropractors are able to diagnose a number of ailments, from degenerative back disorders to osteoarthritis and vertigo. Many random aches and pains you experience throughout your lifetime can be deciphered through chiropractic care. Understanding those issues will be useful once injured in a car accident, or even prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

Preventative care can go a long way in maintaining your body for years to come. Whether you have been in an accident, or what to avoid costly injuries down the road, it is a great idea to contact a specialist. Reach out to Accident Care Chiropractic at (503) 660-8552.